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Little Harrowden is a village and civil parish in Northamptonshire nearly three miles north-west of Wellingborough, off the A509 road. At the time of the 2011 census, the parish's population was 892 people.[1]

The village is one of the longest and narrowest parishes in Northamptonshire and is built around the Church of St Mary the Virgin, which dates back to circa 1190. The parish has a population of between 800-900 and this is spread across various occupations from industrial in the east to farming in the west.

The local primary school has been established for approximately 350 years and, along with the village hall, acts as a focal point in the village. Another focal point of the village is the pub, The Lamb, which is run by Charles Wells.

Council Aims

  • To continually promote the best interests of all members of the local community by providing facilities and amenities eg: Leisure & Community Centres, Recreation Grounds
  • To provide the best possible services and amenities which meet the needs and expectations of residents
  • Where the Council provide direct service it endeavours to maintain high professional standards and a quality service.
  • The Parish Council encourages residents to let us know their opinions, comments and concerns of which the Council will act promptly to pass onto other local authorities or bodies, concerns which cannot be dealt with directly by the Council, problems within the powers of the Parish Council will be dealt with at Council meetings

Each meeting has a "Public Session" to allow residents to raise any concerns appropriate to the Council