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Little Wenlock Parish Council.

Waste and Recycling

With one landfill site still operating and the legacy of several completed sites in the parish, Little Wenlock has always been more aware than most of the problems caused by this practice and determined to do what it can to minimise the unnecessary land-filling.

In early 2009, the newspapers tell us that recycled materials are being stored in warehouses, shipped to China, or even sent to landfill. This is not true for the papers put in our paper bank here in Little Wenlock. They are delivered direct to a Paper Mill located in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, and recycled into newsprint which is used for printing newspapers within the UK. We received £50 per tonne from the Council for keeping it out of landfill. This added up to our local paper bank raising over £600 last year for local funds.This sum has been rising each year and has now raised a total of over £6800 up to February 2013.

So please support our local paper bank on the Village Hall car park by bringing your newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail, catalogues, old phone books and yellow pages.

The other recycling banks at the Huntsman all belong to Telford & Wrekin Council, but all of their recycling is just that...recycled. They have assured us that none is being stacked in warehouses, shipped overseas, or land filled.

Love recycling plastic? Look out for an extension to the types of plastic that can be recycled to be launched on 14th February 2009.

Paper Bank

Located on the Village Hall car park, the new paper bank takes loose paper only – no plastic bags or wrappers.

Everyone is asked to use it in preference to the Borough kerbside collection scheme for its value in raising money for village hall and playing field funds.

YES: Newspapers; Magazines; White & office papers; Junk mail; Yellow Pages; Telephone directories; Catalogues; Paperback books; and Xmas & birthday cards.

NO: Plastic bags or wrappers; Envelopes; Cardboard; Metal spiral bindings; Wrapping paper or Hardback books.

Home Composting

Compost bins are still available at discount prices on the Telford & Wrekin Council scheme to maximise recycling of garden and kitchen waste, avoiding the cost of transporting and landfilling it and producing valuable nutrients for the garden.

Contact Original Organics 01884 841515

Kerbside Waste Collection

Telford and Wrekin Council alternates recycling with its normal weekly waste collections – bins and boxes should be placed on the road by 7am each Tuesday morning (or Wednesdays following some bank holidays).

Normal household rubbish is collected in grey wheelie bins one week, with green bins for garden waste and red recycling boxes the next to a published schedule.

Grey bins have to have their lids closed or they may not be collected. Extra bags or items will, likewise, be left.

Green Bins can be filled with grass, hedge, and plant cuttings, small branches, leaves, straw, hay & sawdust.

No kitchen waste, sacks or bin-liners, pet bedding or litter, soil or rubble is permitted.

Extra bins are available on request from Telford & Wrekin Council - 01952 384384.

By now you should have a blue box for papers, a blue bag for cardboard (flattened), a divider for your red box to separate glass on the one side and cans, aerosols and clean aluminium foil on the other.

Specifically excluded are shredded paper, books, dirty cans, paint tins, plastic foil, plastic bottles, trainers, and plastic shoes or belts.

Items should be put in separate bags within the box, with heavy things on top if it's windy. Bags or cardboard boxes can be used for items that won’t fit in the box.

You can get a calendar showing your rubbish/recycling dates by clicking here (2-page pdf).

For information or complaints call 01952 384384.

Bulky Items

The Borough operates a collection service for anyone unable to transport bulky items of waste. Currently (Jan. 2010) the cost is £15 for up to six items.

For information call 01952 384384.

Chairs & Spares

Chairs & Spares is a local charity that passes on unwanted furniture.

For information call 01952 619197.

Charity Shops

Many charity shops in Wellington accept clothes, household goods, used stamps & printer cartridges, spectacles, books & tapes.

Community Recycling Centres

The nearest Community Recycling Centre is at Ketley Brook, off the A5223 New Whitchurch Drive between Tescos and the Furrows Ford dealership.

Opening times depend on the season. From November 1st 2009 to February 28th 2010, the hours are 8am to 4pm weekdays and 10am to 3pm weekends and bank holidays. It accepts a range of materials, including:

  • Paper
  • Wood (excluding plywood and MDF)
  • Glass
  • Food and drink cans
  • Cardboard
  • Garden waste and soil
  • Textiles
  • Engine oil and oil filters
  • Car batteries
  • Plastic bottles
  • Refrigerators
  • TVs and computer monitors

Details of what can be recycled at Ketley and the other Borough sites are available here.

Vans or trailers require a permit.

More information on the council's website.

For information call 01952 384384