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LABC Runners Contact and Membership

LABC Runners Committee and Run Leaders

Christie-Anne Cunningham Run Leader, Committee

Louise Saunders Run Leader, Committee

Aggy York Committee

Lisa Fenton Run Leader, Committee

Shaun Clancy Committee

Vicki Faulkner Run Leader

Zain Zia Run Leader

To contact the committee please fill out the form below.

Or Email us direct at

You can also contact us via any of our social media pages



Contact Information

LABC Runners membership                  Click Here For Membership Form

LABC is an English Athletics registered club, our membership runs from April to March although you can join the club at anytime.

You can choose from the 3 following options.

1: The cost of a yearly membership is £50 from 1st April. The cost of membership includes registration with England athletics, all your weekly runs and any of the beginners courses you wish to do as well as any boot-camps. You can still join after April and would need to ask LABC Runners for an updated cost as this would depend on the time of year that you join.  

2: Affiliation Only, Cost £17 for registration to England Athletics. You can still run with us as pay as you go, cost £2 per run, £TBC per boot-camp.

3: Pay as you go, cost £2 per run £5 per boot-camp.

The first run with us is free.

Becoming a member of LABC runners and England Athletics gives you access to reduced race fees, offers and discounts from a range of England Athletics partners. Please ask one of our committee members for anymore information on membership.