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LABC Runners Beginners courses

Welcome to LABC Runners beginners page.

The best way to start running or to get back into running after a long break is with a couch 2 5K running program. LABC run a number of courses each year. Friendly and fun, great way to meet new people. After completing the couch 2 5K we now offer a 5K 2 10K course,for when you want to take your running to the next stage.

Couch 2 5K is a structured 8 week course that builds you up slowly, at the end of the course you will be able to run 5K. The aim is to complete the 5K without stopping, the pace of the run does not matter, over the 8 weeks you will find a pace that is right for you.

5K 2 10K is a structured 8 week course that will increase your distance from a 5K to being able to run a 10K, this will be done over a period of 8 weeks with a gradual increase every week. Again the pace of the run does not matter, the aim is to be able to complete 10K at a pace that is right for you.(Please note that you must be able to run 5K at the start of this course)

On completion of any course you have the option of joining the running club, which offers different group runs for all abilities, so you can continue with your running in a friendly environment. 

The next 5K 2 10K course starts: TBC

The next couch 2 5K course starts: January 9th 2023.  Start time18:15. 8 week course.

Number of runners will be capped at 40

Cost of a course is £20 to be paid on or before the course start date. (Alternatively if you wish to become a member of LABC Runners the courses we offer are free. See our membership page for details, contact and membership

To reserve your place please fill out the form below. (If places are full you will be placed on a waiting list)

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