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Loddon Farmers Market

About Us

Put simply, we founded Loddon Farmers' Market to enable local farmers to sell their products direct to you so that they get a fair price for their work and that you get fresh, high quality food at an affordable price. Local growers and producers take personal pride in the food they bring to their Farmers' Market and want you to enjoy it. The emphasis is on freshness, quality and value for money. We encourage sustainable methods of food production. We support traditional animal breeds and heritage fruit and vegetable varieties.

We’re proud that everything our producers display actually comes from East Anglia That’s right, all our produce being sold must have been grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, or processed in East Anglia. Either the producer, or someone directly involved with the production, must be selling the produce so you can ask how the food is produced and grown and at the same time customer feedback is appreciated by the farmer. Buying locally reduces food miles and the distance from field to fork. This puts money back into the local economy, sustaining and creating jobs. Loddon Farmers' Market is simply miles better!