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London Farmers' Markets

Breads and Cakes

Local artisan bakers with a huge range of breads from tradtional bloomers to gluten free. Home baked cakes using free range or organic eggs and local ingredients where possible. Look out for seasonal specials.

There are 36 producers selling Breads and Cakes at London Farmers' Markets:

Artisan Foods

Expert baker Klaus Kuhnke produces a fantastic range of baked goods. He draws on his own experience and the expertise of his crack team of bakers, all with different backgrounds and bringing something different to the table. Klaus initially concentrated on a range of sweet baked goods, but he has more recently branched into producing some outstanding artisan breads and savoury items such as traditional-style pretzels. As with his sweet range, Klaus' experience shines through to create exemplary products.

Astons Bakery

Syd Aston was one of the first organic bakers in London, and has built up a reputation for quality which goes back many years. Syd has a background in farming, and so he understands fully the principles behind organic food from seed to loaf. His personal principles have not shifted since day one; top quality, hand-made breads produced on a small scale with minimum impact on the environment.


Babycakes was born from a longing to recreate the kind of melt-in-your-mouth cakes our grandmothers used to make, but with a modern twist. So expect combinations like chocolate and Guinness, beetroot and hazelnut and seasonal delights such as gooseberry and almond cake with elderflower cream. All the cakes are hand-made at home and contain only the best ingredients, including unsalted butter and free-range eggs. Cakes are sold by the slice, but you can order a whole cake to pick up at the market or from Susan’s home in Kensal Green.

Backyard Bakery

Gary Mercer is an artisan baker of 5 years experience. He runs the Backyard Bakery from the converted outhouse in his rear garden, where he bakes to order a range of naturally fermented breads for local customers - no additives, no commercial yeast, nothing artifical.


Breadren are at heart a family business, founded by two friends and involving the support of a whole lot more. Their ethos is to combine classic techniques with exciting flavour combinations to make new and unique products. with a style borne of a love of international cuisine and their roots in England, India and Africa. Out of their West London kitchen this all action team produce a constantly changing selection of delicious goodies made using the best local ingredients and international delicacies. Some of their most popular specialities include macaroons, gooey custard filled brioche and a seasonal selection of individual cakes; their range also includes a really interesting selection of gluten free, dairy free and vegan goodies.


Started by Lara in 2007, Cakehole bakes delicious cakes, bakes and treats, fresh every day from the South London kitchen, using the best local, organic and fairtrade ingredients. Cakes like carrot cake with lemon mascarpone cream cheese icing, apple cake with cider soaked sultanas, baked cheesecake, fruit cupcakes and 100% cacao brownies, are produced in small batches using traditional methods, for your delectation, at teatime, for birthdays, or just as a breakfast treat at the market!

Casa Grande

Celestial Cakes

Celestial Cakes is owned by Sarah Rees, who lives in The Old Bakery, Brentford, West London. The house started life as a bakery in 1881, and Sarah is very happy to be running a cake business from the premises after a gap of 120 years. Sarah produces a range of cakes; breads, jams, preserves and chutneys. Most of her ingredients comes from local producers, and/or organic sources. She even grows her own vegetables which somehow find their way into her recipes. Celestial Cakes have a reputation for good quality, wholesome baked goods at affordable prices, and the products really do taste heavenly. Expect to see traditional favourites such as lemon drizzle cake; coffee cake and carrot cake alongside some interesting combos such as hemp and ginger cake; beetroot brownies and gluten free options as well. Sarah’s mantra... “Love Life – Love Cake!”

Celtic Bakers

Celtic Bakers, from Northwest London, are an organic bakery with a formidable reputation for producing products which keep as purely as possible to organic principles whilst tasting incredible. They produce a fantastic range of breads and savouries, all hand-baked the same day by their crack team of expert artisan breadmakers. Their levains and sourdoughs are second to none and they have built up a die-hard following after many years of attending farmers’ markets come rain or shine.

Exeter Street Bakery

Exeter Street Bakery, run by Bradley Vine, is renowned as one of the best bakeries in England in which to find traditional Italian-style breads. Their bread, always straight out of the oven and straight to the market, covers a wide range, but staples of their stall include some fine pugliese, ciabattas, stirato, integrale and an outstanding rosemary bread. The flour they use in baking their bread is from the reputed Marriage Millers in Essex.

Flour Power City Bakery

Flour Power City Bakery is an organic bakery based in Surrey Quays, set up in the late '90s and in their infancy selling at the first ever London farmers' market, in Islington in 1999. Since then, the bakery has gone from strength to strength, and their reputation has sky-rocketed, as the team have constantly experimented with new ideas and processes, bringing out a lot of unique breads and pastries. Ever-popular staples of their stall include the traditional spelt tin loaf (or, as they call it, 'Roman marching bread', owing to the venerable antiquity of the recipe), their Rye Pumpernickel loaves, sweet focaccias, traditional Irish soda bread, and their unique Hoxton Rye Levain, named after their first ever bakery in Hoxton.

Flourish Craft Bakery Ltd

Master baker Paul O’Connell set up Flourish Bakery with experienced viennoisserie baker Edmund Soliva in 2000. Flourish Craft Bakery has become a leading wholesale producer & supplier of quality hand made breads, morning goods, and an ever increasing array of pastries & cakes using both modern & traditional techniques. They endeavour to use local suppliers for their ingredients. They have won various deserved accolades since the bakery opened, including finishing as highly commended finalists in The British Baker Awards in the category of Baker of the Year in 2003, being listed as one of Rick Stein’s “Food Heroes” and winning Gold in the Great Taste Awards in 2011.

Global Fusion Foods

Global Fusion Foods is every inch a family business, run by Colga Parker, husbandPaul and their children. The Parker family make truly fantastic cakes, pastries and sweet things, all using traditional Caribbean vegan recipes. Look out for such unusual delicacies as cocoa and Kentish beetroot cake, and even spiced parsnip and turnip cakes on occasion!! They taste fantastic - the vegetables add a real moistness and kick to the cakes. Their range includes gluten-free and nut-free items, all at extremely reasonable prices, in keeping with their philosophy as a business based around inclusive community.

Home Cottage Farm

Honeypie Bakery

Honeypie Bakery is a step back to a forgotten era of homemade indulgences. Valerie bakes from her home in Kensington where the heavenly smell of eggs, butter & sugar cooking evokes powerful memories of things past. Honeypie Bakery makes everything by hand in small batches with the best possible ingredients.


Keik sell: savoury strudels (Spanakopita or Spinach & Feta, Pumpkin & Feta, Potato & Leek, Lamb & roasted pepper, Summer Time Veg), gallettes or Luxury pies (Bolognese, Bouef Bourguignon & Chickpea Casserole), sweet strudel (Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Rhubarb, Apple & Poppy seeds and Cherry), gluten free cakes. Keik's puff pastry and gallette pastry are handmade.  They offer vegetarian & meat options and are slowly developing a gluten free savoury line especially for their galettes. They tend to adapt family favourites into innovative and nourishing products using healthy ingredients for example sea salt, unrefined sugar & no additives. Keik's aim is for the time taken from primary producer to the oven and plate to be minimal for the freshest taste possible.

Keith Morgan

Expert beekeeper Keith from King's Lynn in Norfolk, makes some of the best honey in the whole of the UK, and we're pretty sure that after tasting it, you'll find this very difficult to dispute! He has a very interesting range, including his speciality for the moment, his 'sea lavender' honey. Keith takes his hives up to the North Norfolk coast for the bees to collect pollen from the sea lavender on the marshes around Burnham Thorpe, which gives the honey an unusual, but undeniably pleasant, bitter tang. In addition, he has both clear and set Ivy honey, and Borage honey, for those of you who like their honey particularly sweet. Also look out for his heather honey (subject to availability) and Norfolk clear honey, which incorporates a clear flavour of blackberry and sweet chestnut.

La Casetta

Le Moulin

Authentic French style bakery run by Sergio Gasper. Delicious hand made bread and pastries all made on the premises at their Hornchurch shop.

Levain Bakery

Chris Masembe and his team at Levain Bakery have a simple philosophy; to make artisan breads to the highest possible standards. All breads are sourdoughs, and are made using their own sourdough starter, a labour of love which they have kept going since they first started the bakery.

Madame Macaroon Ltd

The name may give away what this baker sells on her stall! But Jenni is not a one trick pony, check out her fabulous range of biscuits, cookies, biscotti and meringues. There is also a range of Jammie Dodgers for small and big kids. There is an exciting regular range of macaroons but there is a seasonal range too. Look out for blackberry, beetroot and even pumpkin macaroons. From her kitchen in South West London Jenni bakes fresh each day using only local ingredients such Wessex flour and free range eggs from a farm on the edge of London.

Miriam's Munchies

Cathy and Miriam started Miriam’s Munchies as a mother and daughter team with a shared passion for baking and creating delicious cakes. Based in Harrow in Northwest London, they use local seasonal produce to home bake a range of scrumptious sweet munchies. Their range changes with the seasons and reflects Miriam’s British and American roots.  Included are traditional British favourites such as gingerbread, shortbread, Victoria Sandwich and Rhubarb Slice as well as American-inspired delights like brownies and cupcakes. All the cakes are hand-made at home and contain only the best quality ingredients, including unsalted butter, organic flour,  free-range eggs, organic fair trade chocolate and cocoa and seasonal local produce.  Cakes are sold by the slice, but you can order a whole cake, special birthday or celebration cake to pick up at the market or from Cathy and Miriam in Harrow.

Miss Stoneham's Preserves

Carol Stoneham makes a wide range of traditional preserves, all in her own home kitchen near Maldon, Essex. Her range includes greengage jam, bread-and-butter pickle, pumpkin chutney, raspberry jam and apple chutney. She also makes a fantastic tomato ketchup which is quite unique and tastes of real tomatoes; it's a world away from the heavily processed tomato ketchups you might find on supermarket shelves. Carol sources the majority of her produce from the farms in her local region, and so you can be sure of fine quality produce from top quality regional farms.

Oliver's Bakery

Opera Ice Cream

Kerry and Spasko of Opera Ice Cream make delicious gourmet ice cream in North London, using a range of local ingredients including Somerset milk from Alham Wood Dairy and Olive Farm and organic eggs from Rookery Farm in Sussex. There is a reason behind their name too; Kerry is a trained opera singer and at times belts out the popular classics while serving up cream - so if you're stuck in a queue for refreshment on a hot day you needn't get bored! Certainly an ice first for London's farmers' markets!

Queen of Cakes

Riverdale Farm

Fenland farmers Edwin and Karen Broad put the environment at the heart of all they grow, with strict adherence to organic principles being the bedrock of their philosophy. They grow a vast range, with a full compliment of organic vegetables and, in season, fresh windfall apples from their orchards. At selected markets they also offer freshly baked jacket spuds, potato wedges and baked apples, to munch on while you shop.

Sara's Market

Sara Reeve is a home-baker of increasing renown. She has many strings to her bow, making delicious cakes, savouries, pastries, pies and much more. Her stall is different every single time you visit it, and a lot depends on what is in season at the time and what particular culinary idea has taken Sara's fancy that week. She never disappoints though, as its always delicious.

Sweet and Tart Ltd (t/a Popina)

When Isidora Popovic approached us, she was selling at Portobello Road market. We liked her approach to baking, using seasonal ingredients in an imaginative way. In the last ten years her business has taken off, but she still sells with us each week, varying her products to suit the time of year.

Tantie Lorraine's

The Artisan Bakery

The Bow Belly

Delicious Food filled with joy to make your belly happy. Started up by Omer and Nell in their kitchen in Hackney Wick. Makers of preserves, sweet and savoury muffins, cakes, power bars and more, from local and seasonal ingredients. Gluten Free, Wheaty, Meaty & Vegan. Something to make everyone happy!

The Flour Station

The Flour Station story started in 2002 in the kitchen of Fifteen restaurant. Using the best ingredients, their world-class bakers hand-make all their products, guaranteeing a unique character, texture and taste. They are well-known for their stalls at farmers' markets where both loyal and new customers are able to try their growing range of artisan breads and pastries. Their dedication has certainly been noticed, featuring in Time Out's 'London's Ten Best Bakeries' in 2009 and winning 4 gold stars in last year’s Great Taste Awards.

The Old Post Office Bakery Ltd

The Old Post Office Bakery are a part of the recent renaissance in traditional baking in the UK and throughout the capital. They stay very true to their roots, and are still baking many of the same breads which they were producing when they set up in Clapham as one of the first organic bakeries in London in the early Eighties. Nevertheless, they are constantly innovating, so you will always find something a bit different, or something new on their stall.

Tomi Bakery Ltd

Wildflour Bakery