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London Farmers' Markets

Cheese and Dairy

All sold by the farmers using milk from their own herds. You'll find a huge range of award winning cheddars, unpasteurised milk and cream, buffalo, cow and goats cheese and yogurt.

There are 17 producers selling Cheese and Dairy at London Farmers' Markets:

Alham Wood Cheeses

Frances Wood and the team at Alham Wood produce a wide variety of handmade cheeses, including their own variations of Ricotta, Cheddar, Caerphily and Mozzarella, as well as some of Frances' own creations, many of them based on traditional Romanian recipes. They also have fresh unpasteurised milk, buffalo meat and delicious thick yoghurt available.

Batch Farm Cheesemakers Ltd

Fred Gould and his family farm a herd of 260 Friesian cows on the edge of the Mendips in Somerset. They have been making cheese and butter from this milk for close to half a century now – the cheese has become an increasingly large part of the buisiness, and now almost all of their milk goes straight into making their traditional farmhouse Cheddar cheese, which is typically matured for at least 18 months, resulting in some fantastic flavour.

Bath Soft Cheese Company

The Bath Soft Cheese Company, run by the Padfield family from Park Farm inSomerset, have an enviable reputation as producers of the finest artisan soft cheeses in the West Country. They are most famous for the Bath Soft Cheese itself, an outstanding and unique-tasting cheese, the recipe for which goes back hundreds of years (a favourite of Admiral Nelson, no less!)

Brinkworth Dairy and Ceri's Cheese

Ceri's family have farmed at Hill End Farm since 1910 for 5 generations. They use milk from their own herd of Pedigree British Friesians, grazing the traditional pastures of the Dauntsey Vale. The herd is relatively small, only 85, which means the cows are not stressed and the milk is extremely clean. In addition to their six cheeses, they sell milk, cream, and have seasonal flavours of ice cream. Feel free to make a request for your favourite!

Douglas Partners

Douglas Partners (aka Redlays Farm) is run by Lesley and Alistair Byford-Bates, and specialises in selling both raw and pasteurised dairy products from their Herd of Ayrshire cows in Sussex. Their stall has a bit of everything - raw untreated milk is it's mainstay, but you should also be able to pick up flavoured and probiotic drinking yoghurts, rich cream, handmade Hungarian-style soft cheeses, and occasionally some fantastic beef.

Ellie's Dairy

From the North Kent Downs in the heart of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Ellie’s Dairy bring fantastic-tasting milk, cheese and meat. Traditional, responsible and ethical farming means that the goats are raised in as natural an environment as possible with free range access to grazing and browsing throughout the day. All feed, including hay from their own ancient meadows, is additive and GM-free and is blended by them. They know the name and personality of every single member of the pedigree herd of happy healthy goats and thoroughly spoil all of them – male and female alike.

Greens of Glastonbury

Lloyd Green, of Greens of Glastonbury, produces some of the best real Somerset Cheddar you can find. His organically-certified herd of cows roam the foot of the Glastonbury Tor. In addition to Cheddar, he brings their hand-made Double Gloucester cheese, which is truly the real deal! Also look out for hand-churned farmhouse butter. 

Hook and Son

Hurdlebrook Dairy

Olive Farm is a family-run dairy farm in Somerset. They sell a wide range of produce from their herd of Guernsey cows, including their very popular Hurdlebrook Cary, a Cheddar-style cheese available in both mild and mature varieties. They also produce delicious, creamy unpasteurised milk, butter, cream and yoghurt. Try their dairy produce and you really will be able to taste the difference from mass-produced treated milk products. From time to time, they'll also have a great range of occasional produce, including creme brulee, bread-and-butter pudding and sometimes even quails' eggs!

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese / FW Read and Son

FW Read and Son are perhaps best known as the makers of Lincolnshire Poacher, a fine artisan hard cheese, but they also sell deliciously creamy raw milk and butter, all from their own herd of cows in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Organic eggs can also be picked up from their stall, from their free range Lohmann Tradition, Marans and Rhode Black chickens on the farm. Their cheese is matured for 14-24 months and although the taste varies with the seasons it usually has a distinctive fruity, nutty taste with a clean sweet finish. It has been described as sitting somewhere between the continental hard mountain cheeses and traditional West Country Cheddar.

Nut Knowle Farm

Nut Knowle Farm was established in 1979, and now produces a comprehensive range of Vegetarian, Pasteurised Goats Milk Cheeses to suit all palates. The cheeses are lovingly made by hand in our their dairy. Pedigree British Toggenburg and British Saanen goats produce the quality delicate flavoured milk necessary to make Nut Knowle's famous cheeses. The goats are fed a natural diet of cereals and lush meadow hay and are milked twice daily. Each one is known by name.

Opera Ice Cream

Kerry and Spasko of Opera Ice Cream make delicious gourmet ice cream in North London, using a range of local ingredients including Somerset milk from Alham Wood Dairy and Olive Farm and organic eggs from Rookery Farm in Sussex. There is a reason behind their name too; Kerry is a trained opera singer and at times belts out the popular classics while serving up cream - so if you're stuck in a queue for refreshment on a hot day you needn't get bored! Certainly an ice first for London's farmers' markets!

PINOLO Natural Gelato (t/a Pinolo Ltd)

My name is Filippo, originally from Tuscany, and I created Pinolo Natural Gelato because I believe in a product that is truly natural, made only with genuine and fresh ingredients. After a year of research and studies at the Gelato Naturale Academy in Tuscany, I offer a product that combines the Italian tradition with the philosophy of the local farmers products. Enjoy a cone, a cup or the special 1 kg bio-container to take home from our fun Pinolo Fridge cart.

Railway Cottage Ice Cream

Rhod Walls is passionate about ice cream. No relation to the brand, he uses only the best locally sourced ingredients and dreams up imaginative flavours, experiementing on his neighbours until he gets it right. He lives close to the West Hampstead farmers market, so meet the man who only needs to push his trolley over the road. Rhod uses dry ice, creating an ice cream with an amazing texture and taste. Eat on the spot or buy to take home.

Whitelake Cheese

Pete Humphries and Roger Longman are part of a growing group of artisan cheesemakers in the UK; White Lake goat cheese hails from the heart of Cheddar country in Somerset. Pete had been making cheddar for 10 years and used to make cheese for Bath Soft. It's Pete you'll see at market, giving out tasters. He produces a range of goats milk soft cheeses and continues to experiment whenever time will allow. From the original soft White Lake,he has added White lake puddle, Rachel, Bagborough brie, Little Wallop, White Nancy and a feta style cheese called Fetish. Their cheeses rightly win many awards and we'd recommend you to seek them out.

Windrush Valley Goat Dairy

Regulars at Marylebone Farmers' Market will probably have come across Renee and Richard Loveridge; certainly it's difficult to forget the gorgeous taste of their range of goats' cheeses, yoghurts and cheesecake, all made from the milk of their herd of 32 Pedigree British Saanen goats in the Cotswolds. They use only traditional cheese-making methods.

Wobbly Bottom Farm

Alan and Angela Bungey, of Wobbly Bottom Farm, rear a number of different breeds of goat on the farm near Hitchin in Hertfordshire. Alan, Angela and the goats produce a great range of different cheeses, all with their own quite unique flavours. The goats eat healthily, mostly consuming feed from the farm itself, and healthy goats produce great-tasting cheese, as you will discover when you try some!