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London Farmers' Markets


All the eggs at our farmers' markets are free range or organic. You won't find fresher unless you keep your own hens!

There are 25 producers selling Eggs at London Farmers' Markets:

Akiki Organics

Akiki Organics is a small holding of 12 acres in Worcestershire, farming to biodynamic standards. Their aim is to be self sufficient producing a range of products that meets the needs of their large family. When they took over the farm five years ago it was very neglected with only a few trees remaining in the orchard. With a lot of hard work they're achieving their aim of producing foods as close as possible to nature and bringing their fruit, vegetables, eggs and preserves to London for you to share.

Brambles Farm

Brambles Farm from Briston in Norfolk  breed rare breed pigs and cattle plus rare Boer goats. Proud winner of Norfolks Battle of the Bangers where they were the only farm competing against butchers. All of their animals are free range: they breed Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot, Wild Boar, Tamworth and Iron Age pigs and Highland cattle. Look out for tasters of their goat curry!

Brambletye Fruit Farms

Stein Leenders and his colleagues at Brambletye Fruit Farm farm to strict biodynamic principles - meaning that the farm is a closed system, all farm outputs being fed back into the farming process. Eggs are laid by some of the most curious and free ranging hens we've ever seen. The orchard produce some truly fabulous apples, some of which are crushed into apple juice that is sold fresh and unpasteurised. Look out also, in season, for strawberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries and pears. They also have beehives in the orchards which, aside from pollinating their fruit, produce some outstanding honey, and look out for their oyster mushrooms.

Duck Lane Farm

Free-range chicken farmer, James Murdoch of Duck Lane Farm, has some of the most succulent, tasty chicken available in London, traditionally-reared over a much longer period than usual for maximum texture and taste. His laying hens produce eggs with a superior taste, and are available at great prices too.

Fosse Meadows Farm

Fosse Meadow run a slow grown free-range Cotswold White chicken farm in Leicestershire. Their birds have plenty of grassland to run around in and are super tasty. They also bring a range of products from chicken liver pate to pasties. The boys also bring a french style rotisserie trailer to markets. Their Christmas geese, cockerels and turkeys are legendery.

Galileo Farm

Galileo Farm from Warwickshire started trading at London farmers' markets in late 2009. Their produce is such good quality that we never had any doubt they would be a resounding success with the market customers. And they were!

Green Poultry

Simon Hitches of Green Poultry has made a good name for himself as a farmer of high-welfare birds, since starting selling at London Farmers' Markets in 2006. His chickens, turkeys and geese are all slow-growing breeds which mean that the flavour is better, as well as the animal having a fuller, more natural life.

Harvest Moon Free Range Eggs

Tim Norris has been selling his free range eggs and poultry at our markets since 2000. His farm near Sarratt in Hertfordshire is one of the closest to London.

Hazeldene Farm

Hook and Son

Ixhill Farm

Barry Cox and his family farm just outside London in Buckinghamshire, and their stall boasts free-range lamb, chickens and ducks - all reared on their own farm.

Keith Morgan

Expert beekeeper Keith from King's Lynn in Norfolk, makes some of the best honey in the whole of the UK, and we're pretty sure that after tasting it, you'll find this very difficult to dispute! He has a very interesting range, including his speciality for the moment, his 'sea lavender' honey. Keith takes his hives up to the North Norfolk coast for the bees to collect pollen from the sea lavender on the marshes around Burnham Thorpe, which gives the honey an unusual, but undeniably pleasant, bitter tang. In addition, he has both clear and set Ivy honey, and Borage honey, for those of you who like their honey particularly sweet. 

Layer Marney Produce

James Coe of Layer Marney Lamb is a farmer of high-quality lamb from native breeds near Colchester. He has a herd of Welsh-cross ewes which he breeds on-farm with his Suffolk rams. All his meat is extensively grass-reared free range with animal welfare as a primary concern. The meat is butchered on-site and brought directly to the market. In addition to the lamb James also brings free-range chickens with him and (in season) a fantastic range of game birds shot on the farm premises including teal, mallard, pigeon, pheasant, wild venison, partridge and even pochard. 

Lee House Farm

Lee House Farm produces some of the finest Organic Pork, Beef, Eggs and Vegetables in West Sussex and Surrey. Lee House Farm is a small mixed organic farm registered with the Soil Association, producing rare breed Tamworth, Gloucester Old Spot and Middle White pork, sausages and bacon. They also have Shetland lamb, mutton and hogget, Bronze turkeys, free range eggs, vegetables and Sussex beef.

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese / FW Read and Son

FW Read and Son are perhaps best known as the makers of Lincolnshire Poacher, a fine artisan hard cheese, but they also sell deliciously creamy raw milk and butter, all from their own herd of cows in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Organic eggs can also be picked up from their stall, from their free range Lohmann Tradition, Marans and Rhode Black chickens on the farm. Their cheese is matured for 14-24 months and although the taste varies with the seasons it usually has a distinctive fruity, nutty taste with a clean sweet finish. It has been described as sitting somewhere between the continental hard mountain cheeses and traditional West Country Cheddar.

Moreton Mushrooms

Old Hall Farm Rare Breeds

Clive Ovenden has spent the last ten years scouring the whole of the United Kingdom for traditional rare breeds of sheep, cattle, pigs and chicken.  Consequently Old Hall Farm, situated on Romney Marsh, now is one of most comprehensive and commercial rare breed farms in the whole of the UK.

PA & FJ Coleman (Laycroft)

Peter Coleman is a poultry farmer with a real passion for producing meat of the utmost quality from animals kept in the best possible conditions. He keeps chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese on the farm, and also has a small breeding herd of pedigree Dexter beef cattle.

Pastures Farm Poultry

James and Sarah have farmed at Pastures Farm on the Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire borders since 2000. They produce free range poultry including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys & Guinea Fowl. They also bring free range eggs and locally made pies to market. All processing and butchery is carried out on the farm so no food miles there. The meat is hung for up to 5 days to achieve a matured flavour.

Picks Organic Farm Ltd

Picks Organic Farm is a family run organic farm and have been producing organic meat, vegetables and eggs since 1999. They strongly believe in the principles of organic farming, growing crops and rearing animals without the use of fertilisers, growth hormones or routine antibiotics. Their Gloucester Old Spot sausage won first prize at the Melton Mowbray Country Fair and their gluten-free Dexter beef burgers are of exceptional quality.

Rockwell End House Farm

The Emmett family have been at Rockwell End near Henley since 1936. As well as an acreage of wheat, the farm also produces free range eggs, new/ salad and main crop potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, sweetcorn and salad leaves. All produce is available on-farm in the farm shop as well as at Farmers Markets in London.

Rookery Farm Eggs

The organic laying hens at Rupert Langmead's Rookery Farm, in West Sussex are treated to optimum welfare standards. Happy hens, allowed to forage in open fields and fed on chemical free grains, produce superior eggs.

Stockings Farm

Keith Bennett produces free-range beef and lamb on Stockings Farm in Amersham on the outskirts of London (just a couple of miles from the Metropolitan Line!). He farms traditional breeds - his pigs are Gloucester Old Spots and Tamworths, and his sheep are Suffolk cross and Hebridean cross. He also prepares game shoots on his farm, with pigeon, rabbit, pheasant, partridge and duck shot on the premises in season, as well as occasional muntjac and fallow deer.

The Parsons Nose

The Parsons Nose Farm is owned by the Dobson family, who have been farmers, butchers and bakers for over 200 years.Andrew Dobson currently runs the farm and strongly believes in using additive-free and free range farming methods to farm rare breed pigs, black boars and pedigree Hereford and Dexter cattle. His farming philosophy is based on how meat used to be produced and farmed in the 1950s. The pigs are reared in a free range system with their Gloucester Old Spots, Large Blacks and Wild Black Boars being kept outside in open fields with pig arcs. The animals grow slowly making for a very tastier meat, resulting in the Parsons Nose famous award-winning sausages and pies with a distinctive taste and flavour.

Woodwards Farm

Kerrie and Will of Woodwards Farm have built up a strong reputation for their beef which is very well-deserved. They started farming beef cattle and laying hens in 2008 in Winwick, near Huntingdon, and haven't looked back since. Their stall is a hit wherever it goes, largely due to the personal yet professional touch provided by all involved on the farm. Their enthusiasm for their products is clear to see.