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Jamie Harding, Grange Nursery

Jamie Harding, Grange Nursery Jamie Harding, Grange Nursery

What's the history of the farm?

It's been in the family since the 1920's, growing veg, salads and flowers. We went into full flowers and plants in the 1990's.

What's your background, where did you gain your farming experience?

I've been working on the nursery since I was ten years old; I'm now 50. I went to college in St Albans doing research into modern methods of flower production. 
I visit nurseries in the uk and holland when I can to see how the big producers do it, and see what ideas can be transfered to my nursery. 

How did you sell before farmers markets and what difference did they make to your lives?

We supply florists, wholesale markets and farm shops.  Doing farmers markets means I don't have a weekend off any more! 

What's the farm philosophy?

To try to produce what the customer wants if we can.

What part does each member of the family/team play?

My father does the bunching and helps out where he can (he's in his 70's).  I run the business, ordering, planting, sowing, and production. My son
Thomas helps with planting and harvesting. 

Tell us about your method of production, what’s unique about it.

We try to combine traditional methods with modern, selling seasonal flowers year round. 

Favourite product and why?

Alstromoria - it is so pretty, lots of colours,  and has a long vase life in excess of two weeks, plus we only have to plant it every 3 years so less back ache for us.

What does the future hold for the farm/ business re farmers markets? 

Just to try to evolve to suit customers needs and to try to keep my costs under control.

What's happening on the farm right now?

planting and potting for the summer cut flowers and garden plants, ordering for next winter and spring- yes we have to think that far ahead!

How does it feel to win favourite stall on Islington farmers market?

Chuffed and pleased that all the positive words we hear from customers have led to this.

Sum up your farm/business for us in 3 words

Seasonal flowers & plants 

Grange Nursery sell at;

Notting Hill, Wimbledon weekly, Parliament Hill twice a month. Islington & Blackheath weekly, Queens Park and Parsons Green twice a month.