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London Farmers' Markets


Shellfish and wet fish sold fresh from their day boats, caught from the south and east coast. To sell at our markets fishermen must have a licensed fishing vessel. Storms and strong winds sometimes stops fish getting to market but you'll usually find a good seasonal range.

There are 9 producers selling Fish at London Farmers' Markets:

Brookleas Fish Farm

Channel Fish

Vicki Ballington and Vince Flowers, aka Channel Fish, fish from a day-boat on theBrighton coast. They have built up a strong reputation for the immaculate freshness of their fish, over many years of selling on London markets. Their range varies according to the week's catch, and whichever fish happen to be in season, so we can never say for certain what they'll have - just that it will be fresh! Whenever the weather’s good for fishing, they should have a decent haul.

Christchurch Line-Caught Fish

Christchurch Fish is a co-operative of small inshore fishing boats based in Mudeford, Dorset. They use ecologically friendly fishing methods and take great care of their catch to ensure it reaches market in tip-top condition. Les has a lot of knowledge about fish, and is sure to have some interesting surprises on the stall from live crayfish to live oysters from Poole harbour.

David Jennings Fish Merchant

David and Sylvia Jennings hail from Norfolk. They're a fixture at markets including Islington and Pimlico and their brown shrimps, crabs, lobster and smoked mackerel are legendary. They work with a small fleet of boats in Wells on the North Norfolk coast.

Gary's Fresh Fish

Gary Haggis fishes from a small day boat ("True to the Core") off the coast of Walton, Essex, with a crew of just 2 others. He pots as well as nets, so is always able to bring a variety of both shellfish and fresh wet fish, though his catch depends greatly on the seasons.

Hand Picked Shellfish Company Ltd

Matt and Steve (aka The Handpicked Shellfish Company) fish from their day boats on the Weymouth coast, diving for shellfish and using sustainable methods to catch a great range of wet fish as well. On selected markets, they cook up seafood paella, utilising their own freshly-caught fish.


Simon Long fishes from the small coastal village of Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast from their dayboats  DON'T KNOW (yes that really is her name) and Leeson Lady. They net and longline for seabass, soles, skate, mullet and cod and also have 300 pots for crab and lobster.

Seafayre UK Ltd

David Price, of Seafayre, fishes with his family from the port of Dungeness, off the Kentish coast. Seafayre is a real family affair; they operate from two boats, one (“Kelly Joe”) skippered by David’s two uncles and one (“William T”) by his cousin. The method they use is static net fishing, which is a much more environmentally-friendly method of fishing than trawling the ocean floor, and they usually sell everything they catch, minimising wastage. Their catch will vary each week, depending on weather conditions and the seasons of the fish. However, you are guaranteed their fish will always be the freshest available, as they usually bring up the catch from the previous day's fishing.

Seasonal Suffolk Ltd