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London Farmers' Markets

Honey / Preserves

Local beekeepers selling London and regional honey. Preserves made using locally grown fruit and vegetables.

There are 30 producers selling Honey / Preserves at London Farmers' Markets:

Akiki Organics

Akiki Organics is a small holding of 12 acres in Worcestershire, farming to biodynamic standards. Their aim is to be self sufficient producing a range of products that meets the needs of their large family. When they took over the farm five years ago it was very neglected with only a few trees remaining in the orchard. With a lot of hard work they're achieving their aim of producing foods as close as possible to nature and bringing their fruit, vegetables, eggs and preserves to London for you to share.

All that Jam

Bee Friendly

Sandra Gilmore is a beekeeper with hives on the London / Hertfordshire border. Aside from her jars of 'Hertfordshire Honey' and 'Middlesex Honey', she also has unjarred honey on-the-comb, beeswax candles. beeswax polish, honey soap,honey-based cosmetics, and sometimes honey mustard and honey fudge. (I think I've just broken the record for how many times you can say 'honey' in one sentence.)

Brambletye Fruit Farms

Stein Leenders and his colleagues at Brambletye Fruit Farm farm to strict biodynamic principles - meaning that the farm is a closed system, all farm outputs being fed back into the farming process. Eggs are laid by some of the most curious and free ranging hens we've ever seen. The orchard produce some truly fabulous apples, some of which are crushed into apple juice that is sold fresh and unpasteurised. Look out also, in season, for strawberries, currants, blueberries, blackberries and pears. They also have beehives in the orchards which, aside from pollinating their fruit, produce some outstanding honey, and look out for their oyster mushrooms.

Brinkworth Dairy and Ceri's Cheese

Ceri's family have farmed at Hill End Farm since 1910 for 5 generations. They use milk from their own herd of Pedigree British Friesians, grazing the traditional pastures of the Dauntsey Vale. The herd is relatively small, only 85, which means the cows are not stressed and the milk is extremely clean. In addition to their six cheeses, they sell milk, cream, and have seasonal flavours of ice cream. Feel free to make a request for your favourite!

Bumpkins Best Bee Products

Celestial Cakes

Celestial Cakes is owned by Sarah Rees, who lives in The Old Bakery, Brentford, West London. The house started life as a bakery in 1881, and Sarah is very happy to be running a cake business from the premises after a gap of 120 years. Sarah produces a range of cakes; breads, jams, preserves and chutneys. Most of her ingredients comes from local producers, and/or organic sources. She even grows her own vegetables which somehow find their way into her recipes. Celestial Cakes have a reputation for good quality, wholesome baked goods at affordable prices, and the products really do taste heavenly. Expect to see traditional favourites such as lemon drizzle cake; coffee cake and carrot cake alongside some interesting combos such as hemp and ginger cake; beetroot brownies and gluten free options as well. Sarah’s mantra... “Love Life – Love Cake!”

Global Fusion Foods

Global Fusion Foods is every inch a family business, run by Colga Parker, husbandPaul and their children. The Parker family make truly fantastic cakes, pastries and sweet things, all using traditional Caribbean vegan recipes. Look out for such unusual delicacies as cocoa and Kentish beetroot cake, and even spiced parsnip and turnip cakes on occasion!! They taste fantastic - the vegetables add a real moistness and kick to the cakes. Their range includes gluten-free and nut-free items, all at extremely reasonable prices, in keeping with their philosophy as a business based around inclusive community.

Home Cottage Farm


Keith Morgan

Expert beekeeper Keith from King's Lynn in Norfolk, makes some of the best honey in the whole of the UK, and we're pretty sure that after tasting it, you'll find this very difficult to dispute! He has a very interesting range, including his speciality for the moment, his 'sea lavender' honey. Keith takes his hives up to the North Norfolk coast for the bees to collect pollen from the sea lavender on the marshes around Burnham Thorpe, which gives the honey an unusual, but undeniably pleasant, bitter tang. In addition, he has both clear and set Ivy honey, and Borage honey, for those of you who like their honey particularly sweet. Also look out for his heather honey (subject to availability) and Norfolk clear honey, which incorporates a clear flavour of blackberry and sweet chestnut.

Kush Cuisine

Sadie and Ian Jennings, of Kush Cuisine, are makers of some of the most delicious preserves you'll be able to find in the South of England. Their range is extremely broad, consisting of mostly traditional English recipes with a Caribbean twist. Some of their most popular preserves include: caramelised red onion and thyme marmalade, tomato chilli jam, marrow and ginger jam, hot yellow pepper sauce, apple and rosemary jelly. All their produce is sourced locally wherever possible, some of it even from producers who already sell at the farmers' markets each week.

Local Honey Man

Curtis's uncle, who has been raising bees for 44 years introduced him to the life of bee-keeping. To this day Curtis says, he will never forget his first visit to the hives. Filled with a mixture of excitement and fear the first time he looked into a beehive, from that moment on he was hooked. Curtis has spent many years travelling learning about Honey Bees and he's now the Local Honey Man!!

March House Farm

The beef, lamb and pork is reared on a family run traditional Leicestershire farm, which consists of rig and furrow permanent pasture, rich in natural grasses and herbs. The land has been farmed by the same family for 4 generations, with small-hedged fields, protecting natural wildlife and the environment. The farms are run by Daniel Belcher with the help of mother and father Heather and Mike.

Mill Whites Cider

Jennie and John White produce authentic cider. The cider business is a relatively new one, set up as a family business by John and Jennie, along with John's father, also called John. John Snr is an old hand at the orchard, who has been growing apples for many years now, and produces some of the best cider apples to be found in Somerset. Jenny and John Jr. then turn these apples into some of the tastiest real cider available in England, in their cider-making shed on the outskirts of London. Producing the cider from their hub in Hertfordshire means that they can limit the distance they travel in getting their ciders to their London market customers to an absolute minimum.This cider is a real treat, with a mixture of both Scrumpy and single-apple ciders available, as well as some varieties which have been matured in old whisky and rum casks, giving them a unique extra kick.

Miss Stoneham's Preserves

Carol Stoneham makes a wide range of traditional preserves, all in her own home kitchen near Maldon, Essex. Her range includes greengage jam, bread-and-butter pickle, pumpkin chutney, raspberry jam and apple chutney. She also makes a fantastic tomato ketchup which is quite unique and tastes of real tomatoes; it's a world away from the heavily processed tomato ketchups you might find on supermarket shelves. Carol sources the majority of her produce from the farms in her local region, and so you can be sure of fine quality produce from top quality regional farms.

Potter's Preserves

David Potter is a man who knows about food, particularly preserves. He is referenced in the Oxford Companion to Food as the person who found the earliest example of the word jam in the English language! Aside from being a keen food historian, David puts his exemplary culinary knowledge to great use with the delicious range of jams, chutneys, jellies, curds and conserves on his stall, utilising local fruit, much of which has been foraged by David himself in "top-secret" locations. Stop by his stall for a good chat and a taster, and you will come away with some delicious tastes to saviour, and a lot more knowledge about food history to boot!

Queen of Cakes

Saffery Farm

Sara's Market

Sara Reeve is a home-baker of increasing renown. She has many strings to her bow, making delicious cakes, savouries, pastries, pies and much more. Her stall is different every single time you visit it, and a lot depends on what is in season at the time and what particular culinary idea has taken Sara's fancy that week. She never disappoints though, as its always delicious.

Scout Jam

Alison Luker set up Scout Jam in 2013 to raise money for a local scout group, and the scouts continue to benefit from the business. Alison sells jams, jellies, chutneys and pickled fruit made mostly from produce grown in her garden and on her orchard plots. Cooked by hand and in small batches, she combines traditional preserving methods with modern flavours.

Seriously Italian

From the first time we met him, we loved the enthusiasm with which Giovanni Carleschi puts into everything he makes. He really is a man on a mission, to create Italian food he loves so much, using local, seasonal ingredients from farmers at our markets. You have to get to market early to get a made from scratch lasagne or their pheasant ravioli. Everything is made by hand from his Walthamstow premises, helped by partner Natasha and their friends.

Strawberry Hill Honey

Tantie Lorraine's

The Bow Belly

Delicious Food filled with joy to make your belly happy. Started up by Omer and Nell in their kitchen in Hackney Wick. Makers of preserves, sweet and savoury muffins, cakes, power bars and more, from local and seasonal ingredients. Gluten Free, Wheaty, Meaty & Vegan. Something to make everyone happy!

The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm sell fresh garlic which is truly a cut above garlic you might find in a supermarket this time of year; it hasn't been treated or frozen or had anything artificial added to it to improve its appearance or shelflife, and it tastes so much better as a result. They also sell smoked garlic and a range of garlic-based pickles and relishes, including their unique garlic piccalilli. Also look out for farmer Colin Boswell's speciality Elephant Garlic - it's the size of a cricket ball and potent to boot!

The Well Preserved

Three North-west London ladies, making a range of seasonal preserves. Much of the fruit and veg is either grown at home, bought from farmers at West Hampstead farmers market or donated by local friends and family. Depending upon the time of year, you may find rhubarb, plums, bramley apples, gooseberries, red and white currants, strawberries, or beetroot used. They also use foraged ingredients such as sloes, damsons and blackberries. Look out for their lovely apple butter, delicious.

V&L Honeymakers

Viktor is a bee farmer and honey producer based in the North Oxfordshire Cotswolds. Lucy is his Queen bee! Viktor comes from a beekeeping family in Ukraine and grew up on the family farm, so honey production is something he has vast experience of. He now manages more than 500 colonies of honeybees, dotted around the North Oxfordshire Cotswolds. The company manufactures its own hives, extract, bottle and filter the honey crop twice yearly (spring and summer), and raise their own pedigree queen bees - helped by Viktor parents, who visit every season to lend their expertise to this complex and extremely challenging process. Look out for their speciality honeys such as the horse chestnut and hawthorn - very limited in quantity and utterly delicious! Also for the new range of soaps made from their own honey; beeswax candles, furniture polish, pure bee pollen, propolis tinctures and various other products depending on the season and availability. Oh yes, and the honey is delicious!

Wild About Food

The main concept behind Wild About Food is foraging. They specialise in making artisan jams, preserves and baked products such as pies and tarts using the finest foraged ingredients sourced locally. Go Wild and try their savoury sorrel pies or sweet wild plum tarts. You might also be tempted by their elderflower champagne or elderflower cordial. Depending on the season some of their products are brought to you fresh but some are preserved using traditional, tried and tested methods. All wild ingredients are carefully handpicked and lovingly prepared –  dried teas are made using a natural air drying process to ensure that all the goodness that nature packs into them is delicately preserved. Wild mushrooms enjoy the same process. The jams and jellies have at least 60% fruit content.  One exception is their delicious dandelion jam – made with flowers, not fruit!

Woodwards Farm

Kerrie and Will of Woodwards Farm have built up a strong reputation for their beef which is very well-deserved. They started farming beef cattle and laying hens in 2008 in Winwick, near Huntingdon, and haven't looked back since. Their stall is a hit wherever it goes, largely due to the personal yet professional touch provided by all involved on the farm. Their enthusiasm for their products is clear to see. That said, the meat really speaks for itself. Try one of their delicious burgers or minute steaks, and you'll soon be coming back to try all the different cuts as well!