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Ludlow Hockey Club

Match Reports


Ludlow traveled to Shrewsbury on Saturday with only 10 players
Shrewbury started  strong  this led to them getting a early goal shrewsbury score three more in the first half despite Ludlow playing a lot of hockey in the midfield and not in their D
Ludlow even managed to get a couple of shots at the Shrewsbury keeper and we even had 2 short corners
Ludlow defended well in second half this meant that Shrewsbury didn’t get another goal
4-0 to Shrewsbury


Ludlow ladies travel to Bridgnorth to play there 1st

Ludlow concede there first goal in the first 2 minutes and in the first half have 4 more go in despite Ludlow having to defend lots of short corners . The second half saw Ludlow defend lots more short corners but only 2 goals went In this half Ludlow did manage to get into Bridgnorth D and got  a short corner but Bridgnorth defended well and kept it out of the goal 

Bridgnorth 7 Ludlow 0 


Player of the match Helen Braden 

Players player Tanya chamberlain 

Donkey of the day  Charlie Russell 


Telford started very strong and their centre forward got two very quick goals past our kicking back Karen. Ludlow tried to hold them off , however Telfords experience and Ludlows lack of goalie saw another 4 shots in the back of the goal before half time.

Ludlow never gave up and with Julie now in goals and some strong runs made my Helen and Claire, helped along by rohannah and Charlie, saw some strikes on their goal. Therefore the play was more even in the second half. Although the final score was 10-0 this did not reflect the determination and commitment from the Ludlow Ladies 

Player of the match Karen Hadley

Players player Karen Hadley 


Ludlow v Bridgnorth 2s


Away game 

Ludlow Started off playing a defensive game but then settled down and started to pass the ball around and even had a couple of shots at the Bridgnorth keeper

0-0 at half time 

Second half carried on with great passing from Ludlow but at 50 minutes Bridgnorth broke through to score the goal that won the game 

Ludlow kept battling till the whistle to try to get a goal 

Player of the match  Pip Braden 

Players player Pip Braden 



Ludlow v Bridgnorth 2’s


Ludlow Ladies hosted Bridgnorth with only 9 players one who had not play a full game of hockey before , the Ludlow team had to play a very defensive game with shoot after shoot on goal but Ludlow managed to kept Bridgnorth goal less  until the 23 rd minute of the game and then another 5 minutes after conceded another goal 

In the second half Bridgnorth scored in first 5 minutes but Ludlow kept battling 

With  lots more defensive play with shot after shot on goal Ludlow had a break into Bridgnorth D and got a short corner out of it and the short was taken but hit the post 

  • Tanya Chamberlain player of the match 
  • Helen Braden players player


Ludlow v Shrewbury 3rds 

Ludlow lost 4-0 to shrewbury 

Who brought a strong team to face Ludlow ( as their  seconds team have just pulled out of midlands league ) 

Ludlow played a very defensive game as found it hard to get the ball out of their own half in first 35 minutes but in the second half both teams were tiring and so lots of passing and  this helped  Ludlow break into shrewburys D   

Player of the match Tracy Francis 

Players player. Tanya chamberlain 



Ludlow vs Montgomery, 0-4

An away match at Welshpool . Ludlow welcomed T Chamberlain and T Francis to a game which Ludlow had to defend for long periods The defensive and midfield worked  extremely hard with T Chamberlain making some fantastic saves  

Well done to Ludlow  for working hard despite Ludlow being a player down and injured players playing they managed to create some scoring opportunities though ultimately lost 4-0 

Player of match A Oatham



Ludlow vs Telford. 0-3

Telford brought out a strong team with subs against our 10 players and right from the get go it was a very defensive game with Ella Evans showing she is going to be real asset to the team as she held her own. A welcome back to Charlotte playing as a defender. 3 new recruits for Ludlow, Steph who defended down the right flank. Lola and Evie who have stepped up from the under 14s and showed real potential up front and with help from the experienced Helen and Claire combined they did put Telfords defensive to test a few times. Half time score was only 1-0 scored from a penalty flick. 

In the second half Telford scored an early goal. The 3rd goal came from relentless amount of short corners given against us.(think we must have been going for a record)

But the man of the match which was also noted by the attacking team had to go to Julie. People were shocked to find out shes not a goalie as she made more than 2 dozen fantastic saves. A well deserved players player and oppositions player of the match.



Wem / market Drayton 2s 3-0  Ludlow 

The new formed team of Ludlow ladies had their first match on Saturday at shawbury against wem / market Drayton 2s . 
Julie Chamberlain ( captain ) had managed to get a team of 12 ladies to travel to the away game with 3 ladies playing for the first time ; they also had a 13 year old playing her First Ladies match . The game started with a Ludlow push back and straight into the game with lots of good passing but wem / MD broke through the middle of the defence creating a one on one with the keeper with wem /MD going round to score their first goal. The next goal came off a short corner the keeper couldn't quite get a glove to it .The second half saw Ludlow swap some players around on the pitch and played much better in this half with passing controlling and lots of communication restricting wem/MD to just one goal despite almost constant pressure . 
Player of the match Karen Hadley 
Players player of the match  Helen Braden