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Ludlow Hockey Club


Ludlow Hockey Club Results


The two finalists from the 8 teams which entered Ludlow Hockey Club's 
Primary Schools tournament played a final at Moor Park School today May 

On a lovely afternoon St Lawrence's School Church Stretton and Wigmore 
School played an outstanding match of primary school hockey. Stretton 
took an early 2 goal lead, Wigmore had a penalty saved and by half time 
Wigmore had reduced the deficit. The hard running of the  Wigmore team 
eventually broke the Stretton defence and despite the valiant efforts of 
their keeper 3 goals in the last quarter gave Wigmore a slightly 
flattering margin of victory.

The winners and possibly the losers will represent Ludlow Hockey Club in 
the Wenlock Olympian Games when they will play the winners from other 
Shropshire club's tournaments on Friday June 29th at 11.00 am.at William 
Brookes School

Picture of winning Wigmore team
Thanks Val and Adel for your support.


Sunday April 29th at Nottingham Hockey Centre Midlands Finals

Ludlow 0 Repton 1

Ludlow 0 Beeston 6

Ludlow 0 Leek 0

Ludlow 0 Northampton Saints 0 (Penalties Ludlow 4 Northampton 3)

Ludlow 0 Worcester 6

Ludlow 1 Leek 1(Penalties Ludlow 2 Leek 1)

Ludlow finished 11th out of 16 teams, which was a remarkable performance given the strength and ability of the other sides. It was a reflection of some really determined team work, a great team spirit and Chole Darrer's excellent goal keeping. 



Ludlow 1 (Natasha Phillips)  Bridgnorth 1

Ludlow 0 Telford and Wrekin 2

Ludlow 1(Natasha Phillips) Shrewsbury 0

Ludlow girls qualified for the Midlands Finals at Beeston on Sunday April 29th, as runners up in the Shropshire round


Saturday 10th March

Strutt and Parker CVL Under 14 girls

Ludlow 6 Wenlock Storm 0

Ludlow 3 Wenlock Thunder 1

Ludlow 0 Shrewsbury 6

Strutt and Parker under 12s

Ludlow 1 Telford Tornadoes 9

Ludlow 7 Shrewsbury Leopards 1

Ludlow 3 Shrewsbury Pumas 1

Saturday 10th February

Under 14 girls CVL indoor

Ludlow 0 Shrewsbury A 0

Ludlow 1 Bridgnorth 1

Ludlow 0 Shrewsbury B 2

Ludlow 3 Telford 3

Ludlow 4 Whtchurch 1


Sat Feb 3rd Indoor six-a-side under 12 CVL.at Telford Langley School

Ludlow 0 Wrekin Warriors 0

Ludlow 3 Shrewsbury Pumas 1

Loudlow 0 Bridgnorth 2

Ludlow 1 Telford Tornados 5

Team: Oiver Yeo, Dominic Dabek, Josh Morgan, Sebastian Dabek, Will Arden, Darcy Clarke, Lucie Wills

Sat Jan 27th

Under 14 Indoor Strutt and Parker CVL

Ludlow 2 Bridgnorth 4

Ludow 1 Shrewsbury 10

Ludow 1 Telford and Wrekin 0


Under 14 girls  

Ludlow 3 Wrekin Lightning 0

Ludlow 2 Telford and Wrekin 3

Ludlow 0 Shrewsbury 3

Under 12 Boys

Ludlow 5 Wrekin Warriors 0

Ludlow 3 Shrewsbury Lions 2

Ludlow 2 Shrewsbury Pumas 3


Strutt and Parker under 14 CVL

Ludlow 6 Whitchurch 0

Ludlow 2 Wenlock Thunder 3

Ludlow 4 Wenlock Lightning 0


Under 14 girls 

v Whitchurch lost 0-3

v Wenlock Thunder won 1-0

v Wenlock Lightning won 3-0

Under 12s 

v Shrewsbury Lions won 6-0

v Telford Tornados  lost 0-9


Girls under 14.Results 21st October

Bridgnorth 1 Ludlow 3
Whitchurch 0 Ludlow 3
Shrewsbury 2 Ludlow 0
Quote from a mother watching her daughter playing her first girls match:
It was lovely to see Mima get stuck in with the team today, there was a great team spirit amongst the girls and parents.

Boys Under 12 results

Ludlow 0 Shrewsbury 2
Ludlow 0 Shrewsbury 3


Ludlow Under 14 Central Venue League.

Ludlow 2 Bridgnorth 4

Ludlow 4 Whitchurch 1

Team: Sebastian Rees, Tom Prentice, Rowan Green, Stanley Prescott, Dorcan Clarke, Will Arden, Oliver Smith


CVL results.
Under 14 Girls at Wenlock

Bridgnorth 0-2 Ludlow 

Ludlow 1-1 Wenlock Thunder

Telford 1-1 Ludlow 

Under 12s
At St George's
Bridgnorth 3 Ludlow 0
Ludlow 0-2 Telford Tornados
Wrekin Warriors 0-2 Ludlow


Under 14 CVL 30th September

Ludlow 0 Bridgnorth 5

Ludlow 4 (Luke Matthews 2, Will Arden 2)

Ludlow 5 (Malachay Clarke , Dorcan Clarke 3, Oliver Woodward ) Telford and Wrekin 2

Ludlow team:

Sebastian Rees (goalie) Luke Matthews and Will Arden all Stretton School, Tom Prentice and Ollie Woodward Tenbury School, Rowan Green Ludlow School, Malachay Clarke and Dorcan Clarke Wigmore School.

Ludlow played excellent team hockey ad despite a loss to a very talented Bridgnorth side they showed the ability to develop as a very strong side


Ludlow under 12 boys:

Ludlow 0 Bridgnorth 5

Ludlow 3 Shrewsbury Lions 0

Ludlow 5 Shrewsbury Leopards 0

Ludlow Under 14 girls

Ludlow 0 Bridgnorth 5

Ludlow 2 Wenlock Lightning 1

Ludlow 2 Wenlock Storm 1