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Malmesbury Bowls and Social Club

15 Years of Noble and Distinguished Service

By Paul Lucas Malmesbury Bowls and Social Club

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Malmesbury Bowls and Social Club Contributor


On behalf of everyone, a great, big thank you to Arthur Pound for 15 years of noble and distinguished service as the captain and organiser of the Friday Friendly League, otherwise known as Tea and Biscuits.

It was right and fitting that Arthur led Malmesbury to another win in 2017 against the Chippenham Clubs. The shield was already engraved with Malmesbury's name when it was awarded to Arthur and the team. Malmesbury have won the league for the last five years.

Arthur will hand over the virtual baton to Roger Pope who is looking forward to his 15 years of service with a certain degree of trepidation, as Arthur will be a hard act to follow.

More pictures can be found in the gallery - https://www.hugofox.com/community/malmesbury-bowls-and-social-club-9981/arthur-pound/

Origin of the Pound name which is recorded in at least four spelling forms Pound, Pounder, Pounds, Pund, and possibly an overlap with the surname Pond or Ponde, this is an English medieval surname. It may be locational and as such describes a person who lived by a pound, or came from a place called Pound, of which there are several examples around the country. The origin is the Olde English pre 7th century 'pund', the later pound. This was a walled enclosure, usually round with one entrance, and of which a number of fine examples still exist, where stray animals were 'impounded' until collected by their owners, who then had to pay a fine to the Pounder, a job descriptive surname. 

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There are limited car parking spaces at the club. If possible, please park in Cross Hayes. It is a short walk from Cross Hayes, down Silver Street, to the club house.