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Marsh Gibbon Parish Council

Marsh Gibbon CP
Address 23 Rectory Close Marsh Gibbon Buckinghamshire OX27 0HT
Description T1 Sycamore Heavy lean west, decay/dysfunctional timber from 0-2.2m west (possibly historic fire damage) 30-40% circumference, ribs of reactive wood present, buttress root formation/Reactive wood absent on the west side of the base, decay present behind the area of damage, Low vitality in the canopy with small leaves which are slightly chlorotic, Reduced annual extension growth. Fell to ground level. Replant with a silver birch 10-12cm girth and a height of 3.5m.
Status Awaiting decision
Received Date 28 Sep 17
Updated Date
Validated Date 28 Sep 17
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