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Medstead Parish Council

Medstead CP
Address Access Road, Friars Oak, Medstead, Alton
Description T1 Oak - crown raise to 3m removing secondary limbs, selective tip reduction on various laterals (shown on photo) to leave finished lengths of 6-7m, thin by 20%, remove limb growing into Leylandii hedge, remove deadwood T2 Oak - remove deadwood T3 Oak - tip reduction to lowest limb by 2m to leave finished length of 5m, remove rubbing branch, crown raise over neighbouring drive to 5m, crown thin by 30%, remove deadwood T4 Oak - reduce lateral at 6/7 meters overhanging hedge by 2m to leave finished length of 5m, crown thin by 20%, remove epicormic growth on main trunk, remove deadwood T5 Oak - crown raise to 4m by removing secondary limbs, crown thin by 15%, remove deadwood
Status Decided
Decision CONSENT
Received Date 29 Nov 17
Updated Date 28 Feb 18
Validated Date 6 Dec 17
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