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Milborne St Andrew Parish Council

Consultation June - July 2017

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Milborne Neighbourhood Plan Group’s website to review the documentation shared with the public at recent consultation events.

The documents cover a number of areas including; the methodology followed by the group, our findings and thinking to date on possible sites suitable for future development and our initial work on policy areas to be included in the plan following on from last year’s survey results.

We are very keen to get your feedback on our work to date to enable us to shape the draft Plan that we will be working on over coming months. Once you have reviewed the documents, if you have not already completed a paper copy at an event, please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire linked below.


We would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire online by Friday 28th July. Thank you!

2106 results from questionnaire, research & original Open Day findings 2016-Results-from-Questionnaire,-Research-and-Original-Open-Day-findings.pdf 122.4 KB MSA NP 2016 village questionnaire write up MSA-NP-2016-village-questionnaire-Write-up-.pdf 2.8 MB Site averages and individual scoring Site-averages-and-individual-scorin.pdf 589.2 KB MSA NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN - SITE OPTION EXPLANATIONS MSA-NEIGHBOURHOOD-PLAN-–-SITE-OPTION-EXPLANATIONS.pdf 1.3 MB Site 1 - Camelco Site-1-Camelco.pdf 3.6 MB Site 1 - Camelco photos Site-1-Camelco-Photos.pdf 1016.3 KB Site 2 - Kalbarrie (to north of house) Site-2-Kalbarrie-(to-north-of-house).pdf 2.6 MB Site 2 - Kalbarrie photos Site-2-Kalbarrie-photos.pdf 1.7 MB Site 3 - ALL SITES CORRESPONDENCE Site-3-–-ALL-SITES-CORRESPONDENCE.pdf 100.1 KB Site 3a - top of Church Hill Site-3A-Top-of-Church-Hill.pdf 7.5 MB Site 3b land at The Grove, top of Church Hill Site-3b-Land-at-The-Grove,-top-of-Church-Hill.pdf 170.9 KB Site 3b - land at The Grove photos Site-3b-Land-at-The-Grove-Photos.pdf 968.8 KB Site 3c - old Allotment site, Little England Site-3c-Old-Allotment-Site,-Little-England.pdf 2.3 MB Site 3c - old Allotment site photos Site-3c-Old-Allotment-Site-photos.pdf 1 MB Sites 3d, 3e & 5 - behind Little England (3d), raised building Nr Waterbarn Lane (3e) & garden of Five Gables (5) Sites-3d-3e-and-5.pdf 4.1 MB Sites 3f & 3g - farmyard adjoining Dairy House (3f) & adjoining paddock (3g) Sites-3f-and-3g-Farmyard-adjoining-Dairy-House-(3f)-and-adjoining-paddock-(3g).pdf 3.5 MB Site 3h - behind Wetherby Close Site-3h-Behind-Wetherby-Close.pdf 3.9 MB Site 3i - old Water Barn Site-3i-Old-Water-Barn.pdf 1.1 MB Site 3i - old Water Barn photos Site-3i-Old-Water-Barn-photos.pdf 736.6 KB Site 4 - Joyce Old Dairy Site-4-Joyce-Old-Dairy.pdf 6 MB Site 6 - land east of Southview, Blandford Hill Site-6-Land-east-of-Southview-photos.pdf 2.8 MB Site 7 - Brooklands Site-7-Brooklands.pdf 6.3 MB Site 9a - Orchards Site-9a-Orchards.pdf 3.3 MB Site 9a - Orchards correspondence Site-9a-Orchards-Correspondence.pdf 686.8 KB Site 9b - Homefield, Blandford Hill & Lane End Site-9b-Homefield-Blandford-Hill-and-Lane-End.pdf 2 MB Site 10 - land behind Fox View, Little England Site-10-Land-behind-Fox-View-Little-England.pdf 2.1 MB Site 11a - Chalkpit field Site-11a-Chalkpit-Field.pdf 1.8 MB Site 11b - A354 West on left Site-11b-A354-West-on-left.pdf 8.8 MB Site 11c - behind Lynch Close Site-11c-Behind-Lynch-Close.pdf 2.1 MB Site 12 - land at top of Huntley Down off Milton Rd Site-12-Land-at-top-of-Huntley-Down-off-Milton-Road.pdf 6.7 MB Trails & Green Spaces on aerial at A3 170607 Trails-and-Green-Spaces-on-aerial-at-A3-170607.pdf 1.6 MB Trails and Green Spaces on map base at A3 170607 Trails-and-Green-Spaces-on-map-base-at-A3-170607.pdf 1.5 MB