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Milton Park Bowling Club

Club Competitions

Championship Singles

Play 26th May

T Ball           v S Burr

I Dawson     v B Seymour

D Brown      v G Taylor

J Taylor       v P Collier

D Meyer      v G Adams

D Saunders v A McKain

M Molloy     v R Rowe

S Fell           v T Taylor

2 Wood Singles

S Fell           v C Brooks

M Molloy     v A McKain

I Dawson     v S Burr

B Dickie       v D Brown

D Biggs        v T Taylor

B Seymour    v P Collier

J Taylor          v R Rowe

T Ball             v D Meyer


Handicap Singles

S Fell (S)       v B Seymour (+2)

D Meyer (S)   v T Taylor (+6)

J Taylor (S)    v C Brooks (+2)

M Molloy (S)  v T Ball (+2)

D Brown (S)  v P Collier (S)

G Adams (+3)v J Thomas (+4)

R Rowe (+2)   v S Burr (+2)  This game only is play by 23rd June


OVER 60's

B Seymour     v I Dawson

J Thomas       v M Molloy

C Brooks        v S Burr

P Collier         v D Meyer

T Ball              v R Rowe   To be played by 23rd June

G Adams        v T Taylor    To be played by 23rd June