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Misson Parish Council

Waste and Recycling

Response from Nottinghamshire County Council re Waste and Recycling Site Registration

Dear Ms. Shilling,
As you know Bassetlaw is currently consulting on how to improve their very poor kerbside recycling performance, and will hopefully be improving their offering in this respect in due course. The natural way to do this would be through a kerbside green waste collection, which would also have a positive impact on tonnages delivered to the Recycling Centres. We await the outcome of the consultation with interest. 
Whilst the County Council has a statutory obligation to provide Recycling Centres for residents to dispose of their own “Household Waste” free of charge, the policies and procedures the council puts in place to manage those facilities is a matter for it to decide. The Council can also refuse to accept, or levy a charge for the acceptance of, “Non-Household Waste” at the sites as appropriate. 
Although I accept that registering to use the Recycling Centres is a change from the simple turn up and use system employed to date for most users (vans, pickups and trailers have needed to register for a paper based permit system since 2009 – a system the new arrangement supersedes and simplifies), it still meets these statutory obligations.  
Additionally registration is not an onerous process, and unless you move house or change vehicle is an evergreen arrangement. The “Self Portal” used to collect the data necessary to operate the registration scheme is intended to be used by the Council for a range of services in due course, and once an account is created (the first step in the Recycling Centre registration) it will simplify the process of accessing those services in the future.  
As detailed in the enclosed business case the £200,000 per annum saving was a net figure predicated on set up costs of £200,000, and ongoing operational costs being covered by any waste disposal savings. I am confident on the evidence supporting the scheme that this savings target will be met.  
Whilst I welcome your comments about the scheme I have to reiterate that the proposal was developed, consulted upon, and approved as part of the wider 2014/15 budget setting process, and the County Council is making these service changes with appropriate evidence to support the assumptions made, and having put in place appropriate mitigations to address any consequential outcomes.  

Yours sincerely  
Mick Allen Group Manager, Waste and Energy Management Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) New Registration Scheme for Waste Recycling Centres

This new scheme has drawn considerable criticism from many groups. Misson Parish Council (MPC) feel that it will be counterproductive to pursue this policy and will lead to an increase in fly-tipping. Please see the letter below sent by MPC to Anthony May, Chief Executive, NCC and to Alan Rhodes, Leader, NCC.  Copies have also been sent to Liz Yates and to John Mann.  We encourage residents to write and voice their own concerns.


22nd April 2016


I am writing to express the concern of Misson Parish Council regarding the new scheme introduced by yourselves, requiring residents to register to use the county’s recycling centres.

We are well aware of the financial pressures facing the Authority and their implications upon decision making, but believe the proposed scheme works directly against the objective of recycling and is counter-productive.  Recycling should be made easier rather than more difficult for residents and this measure will result in an increase in fly-tipping which is already a blight in our area.  We are also concerned that this measure has been introduced without consultation and with scant regard to the possible consequences. 

We understand that the rationale behind the scheme is to prevent residents of neighbouring authorities from using NCC facilities.  However, in this area of North Bassetlaw many residents are nearer to HWRCs in other authorities than they are to the nearest NCC facility at Retford, and use these in preference to Retford HWRC, even though they are not supposed to.  Where is the logic in making people drive the extra mileage thereby increasing their individual carbon footprint rather than visiting the nearest recycling centre, which is what I suspect many will continue to do. The NCC proposal means that costs to neighbouring authorities will increase, unless they implement similar schemes.  I assume this is what they intend to do, meaning that more Nottinghamshire users will start to use the NCC tips.  If this happens there is a risk that a proportion of the proposed cost savings will be negated, unless, of course, you have already factored this into the savings quoted.

The other likelihood is that NCC users who are no longer able to use other authorities’ facilities will dispose of a higher proportion of potentially recyclable waste in their household waste bins, exacerbating Bassetlaw’s poor recycling level.  In addition, the imposition of the new complicated scheme can only result in many people failing to register or forgetting to update their details and consequently when they turn up at the tip and are refused entry, resorting to fly-tipping on the way home.  Had NCC consulted on this measure prior to its introduction then these undesirable side effects could have been properly discussed and considered.  Surely the cost to the council of removing rubbish is greater than any potential savings made. 

We feel that the ethos of recycling should be “user friendly” and encourage residents to use the centres rather than making it more bureaucratic.  No one wants yet another password to remember (or to forget!) and no one wants to spend time registering for what should be a countrywide open access service.

Yours sincerely,

Vivienne Shilling,

Chairman Misson Parish Council.


Bassetlaw District Council is consulting on a number of different options to increase recycling rates. it is important that residents have a say and contribute to this consultation. You can view the information here:


IMPORTANT - Waste Recycling Centres

Nottinghamshire residents must now register to use the county's recycling centres. See the poster below for details of how to do this.