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Montford Countryside


Montford Bridge toll house Montford Bridge toll house

This site is for general information in the Montford Parish area regarding rights of way, and countryside volunteering.  The National Cycle route 81 is well used, passing through the three main hamlets of the Parish.

The toll house view is in fact the rear of the building.  The front would have been facing the original road and bridge.  The remains of that road are still in use along with a private house connected to the Caravan Park.  This was the Powys Arms. Hugh Kynaston a famous Highwayman used this route whilst escaping capture by the local militia who had removed the boards from the bridge, Having been tipped off Kynaston and his famous horse cleared the bridge escaping capture.

In medieval times the area was used for parleys between the Welsh and English prince's.  It was also in this area that Henry Tudor massed his army for the final battle (war of the roses) before marching to Bosworth Field