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Neighbourhood Plan

Thank you to everyone who completed and returned The Big Questions Neighbourhood Plan Survey

All the comments from ‘The Big Questions’ Three Parish Plan Survey have been collated with any comments relating to land use being reviewed within in the Neighbourhood Plan itself.

Moreton Say Parish Council have reviewed all the comments that were received from residents, that did not relate to use of land, and below are their statements relating to your concerns.

The roads of the Parish is the subject that received the most comments from residents and these can be divided into the following:

Condition of road surface including potholes

The maintenance of all the road in the county is the undertaken by Shropshire Council via their Shropshire Highways department. As it can be seen from the minutes of the meetings, Moreton Say Parish Council reports all defects in the road surfaces from around the parish, that have been brought to its attention, to Shropshire Council and will continue to press Shropshire Highways to get these repaired as soon as possible and in the meantime asked for temporary signs to be installed where required.

Any resident of Shropshire Council can also report any defects that they find on Shropshire Council’s website via the ‘Report It’ icon or

Speed and amount of vehicles

Both the speed of vehicles and the amount of traffic on the roads in the Parish is not something that the Parish Council can directly influence. Shropshire Council and the Police decide on the speed limit on specific county roads and any change in this has to be initiated by them.

There were several comments regarding Speed Indicator Devices but S. I. D. are not appropriate where there is no reduced speed limit and unfortunately all the Moreton Say Parish roads have the national speed limit.

Dangerous driving

Unfortunately, this is another area that the Parish Council has no control over although they have reported specific issues to Shropshire Highways and the Police on numerous occasions.

Drainage problems and mud on the roads

Both these road issues have been reported by the Parish Council to Shropshire Highways, as can be seen from the minutes of the Parish Council meetings.

Other infrastructure comments received related to:


Moreton Say Parish Council owns and maintains 15 street lights within the Parish the last of which has recently been converted to LED so that they are all now more efficient and environmentally friendly. The lights on the A roads within, or bordering, the Parish are the responsibility of Shropshire Council and any defects can be reported directly to them.

Public Transport

The lack of public transport is something that a lot of rural areas now suffer from but unfortunately this is not something that the Parish Council is in a position to influence.


Broadband in the Parish is not consistent but Shropshire Council via the Connecting Shropshire initiative are improving this service.


The Parish Council would support any individual, or group, that wished to undertake litter collection within the Parish.

Other concerns regarding the general lack of facilities were discussed but, being a sparsely populated rural community, Moreton Say Parish will not have as many facilities as a town. It does have natural assets and wildlife that towns and cities do not enjoy.