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National Gardens Scheme

About Us

Since its foundation in 1927 the National Gardens Scheme has donated more than £42.5 million to its nominated beneficiaries and partners. In addition, individual gardens have given away more than £4 million in small donations directly to local charities of their choice.

All of the nominated beneficiaries are nursing and caring charities and the scale of the NGS’s annual financial support means that it is one of the most significant charitable funders of this sector in the UK.

Even considering the size of its largest and best known beneficiaries, Macmillan and Marie Curie, the continuity of the NGS’s annual donations means that it is currently the largest individual funder in the history of both charities – as indeed it is for all of the nominated beneficiaries.

Currently the NGS gives away around £2.5 million every year. Its fundraising and grant making model is uniquely transparent and simple; it has no assets or investments, funds are raised by the gardens that open and the total net amount available is given away annually.