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March 2017 Agenda


To: All Nether Wallop Parish Councillors

You are summoned to attend a meeting of Nether Wallop Parish Council on

Monday 13 March 2017 at 7.30pm in Nether Wallop Village Hall

Copy to: HCC Councillor A Gibson, TVBC Councillor P Boulton and Mrs P Grob, Clerk


1 Welcome & introduction ES

2 Apologies for absence

3 Declaration of councillors’ interests

4 Planning applications JMS

a) 17/00546/FULLN Construction of two new detached dwellings and associated work, Farley Farm, Farley Street

b) 17/00460/FULLN Rear ground floor extension to form enlarged kitchen/living accommodation; fenestration changes to front, side and rear elevations; addition of two dormer windows and roof lights to attic space to form enlarged bedroom in roof space, Eureka, Salisbury Lane

c) 17/00450/TREEN Fell two Cypress Leylandi and fell one Balsam Poplar, The Mill, Heathman Street

5 Points from the floor

6 Minutes of the previous meeting

7 Councillors’ Reports:

a) Neighbourhood Watch LC

b) Finance PG

c) Highways RJ

d) Playing Fields IC

8 Village Green IC

9 Nether Wallop Village Hall ES

10 Matters raised by councillors

11 Points from the floor

12 Date of next monthly meeting: Monday 10 April 2017 in the Nether Wallop Hall