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Nettlestone & Seaview Parish Council

Community Partnership

Nettlestone & Seaview Community Partnership Constitution

Aim: ‘To assist our local community, businesses and organisations to prosper by engaging them in partnership.’

1. Name and Jurisdiction

a. The group will be known as ‘Nettlestone & Seaview Community Partnership’ hereafter to be referred to as ‘The Partnership’

b. The area covered by the Partnership will be the electoral divisions MM1 & MM2 and The Parish of Nettlestone and Seaview

2. Membership

a. All of the above electoral area are automatic members of the partnership along with the businesses that operate from that area

b. A Working Group will be formed at the AGM from the above as follows:

I. The Ward Councillor

II. 2 Parish Councillors nominated by the council

III. 9 Representatives from the community groups, businesses or other interested individuals in the area

IV. The officers from the above will be elected at the AGM with Secretary and Treasurer serving for 1 year and the Chairman serving for 2 years

V. Any member of the working party may nominate a substitute when not able to attend in order to continue their areas representation

VI. A quorum shall be 6 members of the group

c. Other organisations and individuals with particular areas of need or expertise will be invited to participate with the group as required

d. The AGM will be help in January/February each year

3. Objectives

a. to formulate and deliver an annual community plan agreed at the AGM

b. to undertake projects and events offering support to others in order to maximise funding for the area and achieve the community plan

c. to involve and support other organisations, bodies and businesses when necessary to achieve the aim and objectives whilst avoiding duplication

d. to work closely with the Isle of Wight Council and Nettlestone & Seaview Parish Council on strategic matters to maximise value for the area


a. The NSCP is an unincorporated body whose members are jointly and severally liable for any liability

b. The NSCP is indemnified through its insurance policy Municipal to the value of £5,000,000

Agreed: Chair:




Our Legal Structure

As defined by Tho IOW Rural Council



An ordinary club, group or association that is not a company or Trust and which may or may not be a charity registered with the Charity commission.

Usually has a set of rules or a constitution as its governing document which does not need legal support to prepare.

Has a Committee to take decisions, manage finance and decide on the direction of the organisation.


set up as a charitable organisation as defined by the Charifies Act 2006, it MUST regisfer with fhe Charjty commission if its income goes up to £10,000 per year.

It is usually flexible and uncomplicated and can be wound up easily and quickly. If it is not a registered charity, it has great privacy in that no one needs to know who the members are, how they operate or what their finances are.

Main disadvantage is that members (in some cases all members) are personally liable for the organisation's debts or other claims. Any legal action is taken against the individuals who authorised or incurred the debt/ loss/damage.

Nor can it enter into legal agreements. A contract for a photocopier will be in the name of the individual who signs and not the organisation and that person will be legally liable for any payments required / damage caused.

It is inappropriate for an unincorporated organisation to employ staff, own land or buildings, take on contracts to provide services from local authority or undertake risky financial dealings

We are all volunteers and try to put back into our community.  Recent examples include planting daffodils on Nettlestone Green and Sophie Watson Gardens to enhance these public green spaces.  Two important projects come under our responsibility- Seaview Seniors and Men in Sheds.  We plant up the window boxes in the centre of Seaview and organise decorated Christmas trees to brighten up the festive season.

We run the popular May Fayre in Madeira Road every May Day with lots of stalls and a chance to get together.  An August Fayre has now become an annual feature.  Party on the Prom in July is always well attended by revellers picnicking and dancing to live music featuring local groups.  Fund raising is important to fund these activities and we are thankful for the generosity of these communities.