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North Hampshire Medical Fund


Helping to provide the best care for you

We are an independent charity raising funds to ensure that everyone who uses our local hospital will be treated and cared for using the most up to date methods and technology.

The money you donate will be spent on medical equipment at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital that can save lives or make treatment and recovery more certain and less painful.

Meet one of the families our supporters have helped

Gemma Hart's twin boys were born with severe breathing difficulties. Thanks to funds raised by the members of a local golf club, we were able to buy some equipment that has made a huge difference to their quality of life. 

Gemma Hart and the "Vest"

Every year over a quarter of a million people use our hospital, some of them, like Noah and Freddie, on a regular basis, others for emergency treatment and care.   By supporting our fundraising events or organising your own fundraising activity you can make sure that more patients and their families, now and in the future, have the best possible care and treatment above and beyond what NHS budgets can pay for.

And by enabling doctors and nurses to use this new technolgy you can help to keep your hospital at the forefront of medical excellence.