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2021 Program

2021 Meeting Programme - all on a Thursday at 2pm unless shown otherwise

Date Speaker Topic

January 28th

Stephanie Matthews

Why exercise is so beneficial for cancer patients

February 25th

Sarah Gray

Tackle Prostate Cancer

Working Together To Support People Living With and Beyond Prostate Cancer

March 25th


Sian Woodward

Annual General Meeting

A day in the life of Parliament

April 29th


A speaker from the MIND mental health charity

May 27th

Mike Eacott

Hampshire police cyber security champion

How to avoid scams on the telephone and the internet

internet security - top tips

June 24th

Andrew Gabriel

Brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy)

July 29th

Hayley Luxton

Prostate Cancer UK

PCUK Research Projects

August 26th

Jessica Finch


September 30th


Open meeting, our first face-to-face since the Covid restrictions

October 28th

David Cullum

Our atmosphere and climate change

November 25th

Jaana Jeffery

Macmillan Cancer Support

Personalised care

December 6th