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April 2019

North Hampshire Prostate Cancer Support Group April 2019 

Group Meeting Report – 25 April 2019

1. There were 49 members present including a new member.

2. Three short presentations were on the agenda. They shared a common theme of signposting members to a variety of sources of help and support.

3. Nicola Middleton, the complementary therapies co-ordinator from St Michael’s Hospice Basingstoke, outlined a range of therapies that, amongst other things, can help with relaxation, lessening anxiety and improving overall well-being. These therapies include: massage, aromatherapy, reiki and reflexology.

4. The scents of some aromatic plant are used extensively in aromatherapy, for example, lavender and its association with relaxation and encouraging sleep. Nicola tested members’ sense of smell by circulating a few samples of aromatherapy oils. Members were invited to guess the smell.

5. If members were considering alternative therapies, Nicola advised that hey should be careful to check the credentials of the providers. She explained that, if members were referred to the hospice palliative care team by their consultants, they would be able to access therapies at no cost.

6. Picking up from Nicola’s theme, Kay from Pink Place/Blue Space outlined the therapies that Blue Space can provide, using fully trained people. Blue Space also does a barbering service. The services are provided free but, as a charity, Blue Space welcomes donations.

7. Kay mentioned ‘mindfulness’ sessions and many members were keen to understand more about this technique. Your committee will see whether it is possible to arrange a short presentation on the subject.

8. There is lots more information about Pink Place/Blue Space on their website or phone 07899 970 841 for more information. News about Pink Place/Blue Space events is regularly circulated by e-mail. If members want to be added to the distribution list, they should contact Blue Space on the number given above.

9. Fred Fisher gave information on a new service that will be run from Farnham Hospital. Macmillan Cancer Support, in conjunction with Northeast Hampshire and Farnham Clinical Commissioning Group and Virgin Care Surrey, are providing what they call ‘Macmillan Community Cancer Navigator’.

10. This service aims to provide a one-stop shop for help and support to those living with and beyond cancer. The service signposts enquirers to support that is available to the whole family from the health service, charities, and voluntary organisations in our general area.  Members can make enquiries to: 014833 782056.

11. Finally, don’t forget the request from Sara Fawcitt, our Clinical Nurse Specialist, for questions for her talk ‘Ask Sara’ at the 27 June meeting. There will be a box available at the next meeting (30 May 2019) to take written questions.

12. Alternatively, members can get in touch with Sara directly by either phone or e-mail:

Phone: 07920 233298