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Dissolution of North Shropshire Neighbourhood and Farm Watch Association

After 26 years in existence the North Shropshire Neighbourhood and Farm Watch Association has come to the decision to cease operating as an organisation.  The decision has been forced upon us due to the situation where we cannot form an Executive Management Committee to run and manage the Association.  At the recent AGM on 17 February 2022 a motion was passed to dissolve the Association.

The Association's current Executive Committee has agreed to remain in place and carry out all the administrative functions and requirements to close down the Association.  This includes the re-distribution of funds to other local charities, transfer of membership database to the National Neighbourhood Watch Network, disposal of membership data in accordance with GDPR and closure of charity status with the Charities Commission. 

All current membership will be informed (through Scheme Coordinators) of the results and decisions made at the Special General Meeting (17 March 2022) to this effect via a closing letter from the Association Secretary.

The current Association membership list database will be transferred to the National NHW Network database and members will be emailed by the National Network (ourwatch) to verify their email and set up a new membership account on the National system. This transfer may take a little time so be patient!

This website will remain "live" until a month after confirmation from the Charities Commission that the Association has ceased to be a registered charity ( date to be determined).

  All relevant Association financial audit records, distribution of funds, GDPR IT disposal certification/information and any associated documents relating to the dissolution process will be held on this website for open viewing by all members.


       National Neighbourhood Watch membership

For any brand new membership to the National Neighbourhood Watch please go online to  and set up an account.


For emergencies and to report a crime in progress call


For anything else, eg suspicious incidents not requiring an urgent response call


To contact your local police station directly call the switchboard

0300 333 3000

and ask for your local police station.