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Norwich Farmers Market

Sell with Us

We welcome farmers, nurseries, fishermen, bakers, preserve makers and cooks at our markets. If you grow it or make it using local ingredients we may well have a place for you. We welcome conventional and organic production methods. Your sales staff must be involved in the business and be able to talk with knowledge about the products they are selling.

If you've never sold direct before we can help with free marketing advice and suggestions. If you have sold at farmers markets before and it didn't work out we suggest you give our market a try, or come and visit our market to see how we do things differently.
To ensure standards we visit all farms and businesses before they sell at our market. We expect to see receipts for local ingredients and movement books for livestock. Seed and plant receipts will also be requested along with details of cold storage. See our rules to check that you meet our standards. If you do, then email or phone us to discuss or download an application form. The links for which can be found further down the page.

“I've never run a market stall but would like to join a Farmers' Market!!” Many farmers and producers have no experience in running a market stall. It's really not difficult particularly if you like meeting people and follow a few simple rules. We are extra specially keen to help you  get started in selling direct to the public and have reserved space at the market for you!!