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Rules Cleveland Rinks

 Cleveland Bowls League rules

Founded 1921


Original rules 1921.   Latest amended 2020

1. This amalgamation of clubs shall be called the Cleveland Bowls league & shall consist of clubs in the Cleveland district.

2. General meetings may be held when necessary. The Annual General meeting shall be held during November.When the President, vice president, Secretary and Treasurer for the year shall be elected.    

The President shall have the casing vote. The Offices elected at the AGM, Together with immediate past president and two representatives from each club shall constitute a Committee to manage the League business.

3. The Secretary shall Convene meetings at any time he or she deems necessary. The Committee shall have the power to deal with any offending Club/s of player/s as it thinks fit and shall also have the power to deal with all matters arising out of competitions connected with the League not provided in the rules. See rule 14.

4. An entrance fee of £10 shall be paid by a Club on admission to the League. The annual subscription payable by each Club shall be £10, payable at the pre-season meeting.

5. For the purpose of the League Championship, Match points shall be awarded as follows:   

• 2points for each rink win        

• 1 point for each rink draw

• 2 points for long game

• 1 point for each team for long game drawn

6. Clubs to play home and away matches.

7. In the case of a tie for the top position involving two or more clubs, the team with the higher shot difference will win.

8. All league matches shall be played by teams consisting of 4 rinks, 3 players, 2 woods, One shot on the first 2 ends (No Practice) a centred Jack, no touchers, 21 ends. No dead ends, Other than driving the jack over the rink boundary and these ends to be replayed. A jack driven into the Ditch and remaining within the rink boundary shall remain in position for the rest of the end and be played to. 

The lead player in the first and each subsequent end shall place the Mat on the centreline of the rink with the front end in a position between 2 metres and 6 mitres forward of the rear edge of the rink.

The lead Player of the team which is first to play shall bowl the jack from the Mat. 

If the jack travels into the ditch, stops outside the boundary of the rink, 

or less than 23 metres from the front end of the mat after been straightened, then the opposing side shall bowl the jack anew, But shall not bowl first.

After both teams have attempted to cast the Jack, The jack will be placed on the spot. 

9. If any rink or rinks field less than 3 players, then two players play 3 woods each and that rink or rink shall forfeit ¼ of its score.

10. No player to play for more than one team in any one season.




11. All games shall be played as arranged on the fixture list. If by reason of weather a fixture is not completed but 15 ends have been played, the score at 15 ends on all rinks shall constitute a game. If 15ends not be completed then the match shall be replayed.

Any match which by reason of bad weather, Ground condition or other serious problems,

Cannot be played on the date fixed should be re-arranged, both team to make every effort to re-arrange the game before the end of the Season.

If a Team fail’s to re-arrange the game by the end of the season the opponent’s will receive an average for the date of the Cancelled game.


12. Customary Dress for all CBL League games and Competitions is Grey below the waist.

White above the waist. Alternative coloured team shirts may be worn provided these are identical and worn by all Members of the Team.

Ladies may wear either Grey Skirts or Grey Trouser.

13. A match Result card to be completed by each team and signed by both Captains.

The rink Score cards are to be filled in by the Second woods in each CBL rink.

Please return Match Result cards or e/mailed to the Competition / fixtures Secretary. 

14. Any query or dispute arising in relation to CBL games and not covered in the CBL rules, shall if possible be dealt with and settled by skips / team captains.

Otherwise guidance should be sought by reference to the Bowls England – Domestic Regulations. See also rule 3.

15. No alterations shall be made to these Rules except at the Annual General Meeting.

Any proposed alteration shall be received by the Secretary in writing no later than 3 weeks before the AGM.