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Rules Cleveland triples

Three Wood Triples League

Introduced 1984



(Original: 1984. Latest Amended 2020)


1. Team entries are open to members of Clubs affiliated to the Cleveland Bowls League.

Entries limited to a maximum 2 teams pre club.

2. Each team shall consist of 6 players, Comprising 2 rinks of 3 players (Men, Ladies or Mixed). Rinks must compete with 3 players, each bowling 3 woods. If a rink fields on two players, that rink shall revert to Cleveland Bowls League rule 9 

i.e. 2 players plays 3 woods each, But in this case shall forfeit 1/3 of its shots score.

Their opponents with 3 players plays 2 woods each.

3. Matches will be on a home and away basis and played as Afternoon games.

4. Games will be played over 18 ends. Match points shall be as follows;

• 2points for each rink win    

• 1 point for each rink draw

• 2 points for long game

• 1 point for each team for long game drawn

5. If a match is stopped and not completed owing to poor light or bad weather, the score at 15 ends will decide the result. If 15 ends are not completed on one or both rinks,

The match will be void and no points awarded. Any match not played on the date fixed should be re-arranged games as per CBL Rule 11.


6. With the above exceptions of the Cleveland Bowl League shall apply.

7. Each team shall pay an annual fee of £5.00.