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     LEAGUE RULES, 2011



1. The League is an Open League and is split into two Areas divided by the River Tees, North and South. Each Area is divided into two Sections, 1 and 2.


2. Clubs are to inform the League Secretary of the name, full address and telephone number of their team captain or secretary for point of contact.


3. Men and women who wish to play in the Vets League or Competitions must be aged 60 years or over.


4. E.B.A. Bowls England Rules apply to all league games and competitions. 2014


5. Clubs may enter more than one team in the League.   A player can only play for one team. Captains can agree a replacement on the day of the league game by mutual consent.   Transfer to another team can only be arranged with the League Secretary, who will inform all other team secretaries of the change.


6. Clubs are allowed a maximum of two votes at an Annual General Meeting, which is held in February, but may send more than two members, who may speak but not vote.


7. Dress.   Players will wear white above the waist, grey below and regulation bowling shoes.   However, teams that have their own coloured club shirts are allowed to play in them as an alternative to white shirts providing that the whole team is dressed the same.


8. Playing Rules: see next page

9. Competitions: Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours Competitions play 11 ends up to semi-finals which are 15 ends. The Finals are 18 ends except the Singles which is 21 up.   Skips are allowed only one visit to the head in any match.   In the Triples each bowler will playing 3 woods.   In all other competitions each bowler will playing 2 woods.


10. Finals Week.    The Finals of the Singles, Pair, Triples and Fours and the North v South will be played during Finals Week at a green to be agreed at each A.G.M. alternating between the North and the South.


11. All competitions.   Area winners will receive a memento for becoming area winners.   The overall champions will receive the appropriate trophy as will the finalists.


12. Arbitration.   Should there be a dispute between clubs, players, results, venues or re-arranged games contact must be made with the League Secretary, who after consultation with the League Chairman and Committee, will give a ruling which will be binding on all parties and will not be open for negotiation.







8. Playing Rules


a. A team in League games will consist of one rink of 4 players each playing 2 woods.

b. Each game will consist of 18 ends.   If rain intervenes the captains can agree the number of ends but it must be at least 11 to constitute a game.

c. Two points are awarded for a win. One point to each team for a draw.

d. No points can be claimed for un-played games.

e. All games in each section must be completed by the third Friday in August.

“All games in each Section must be completed by the Friday following the last League fixture.”2012

f. Games postponed because of weather conditions or any other reason must be re-arranged within 14 days and the League Secretary informed of the new date but it is not necessary for that to be within the 14 days.

g. All League games to be played on a Friday as per the League Fixtures.  Games to commence at 1.30pm.   Games can be rearranged by mutual consent but only in an emergency.

h. In the event of a team being more than 30 minutes late the game must be rearranged as per rule 7.f  8f. 2014

i. Both teams to inform the League Secretary of results on the appropriate card within four days of the game being played.

j. If a team is unable to fulfil a fixture they must inform their opponents at least 24 hours before the actual fixture.

k. The Winners of the North and South Areas will play off for the overall Teesside Veterans League Champions. 

l. The final between the North and the South will be played as follows.   The winners of Section 1 and Section 2 in the North will be one semi-final and the winners of Section 1 and Section 2 in the South will be the other semi-final.   In the event of a tie in Sections 1 or 2 then shot difference will determine the winner.   The final between the two winning semi-finalists will determine the overall League Champions.