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Penarth Windsor Bowling Club

History from 1942 to 2012

In 1949 the uneasy relationship with the tennis club came to a head and at the AGM it was resolved that the tennis section be run as a separate entity with effect from 1 January 1950.

At the AGM in 1954 it was reported that the club was not self supporting and it was suggested that a bar be installed in the pavilion. This was followed by a Special General Meeting in February 1955 when it was made clear that subscriptions didn't even meet the groundsman's wages and the Management Committee strongly recommended that a bar should be installed to boost income. This proposal stimulated ling and emotional discussions, but the recommendation was carried overwhelmingly by 25 votes to 2. 

In 1954 the membership had fallen alarmingly to 108; 35 male, 34 ladies, 15 croquet and 34 social.

In 1960 a tournament called the "Windsor Jack" was introduced, it continued as an annual event until 1976. It was abandoned due to the work involved, the number of competitions organised by other clubs, the continued loss of greens to Windsor members and the same sum of profit realised.

Windsor Jack Tournament

Year Winner Club


W Jeremy



A R Dibble



C H Judd



H N Rees

Dinas Powis


H W Roan



S Clewer



T Yeoman

Barry Athletic


D.K Rowlands

Llandaff Fields


L.C Williams



A.L Garland

Dinas Powis


P Evans



C Brookman

Victoria Park


E Stanbury



R.G Tolchard

Barry Central


G Morris

Cardiff Athletic


L.J Pengelly

G.K Cardiff


L Hughes


The clubs Golden Jubilee year was in 1962 and several special celebratory matches were held against various teams from different associations.

1972 saw the club's Diamond Jubilee and five celebrations games were held to mark the event. Despite difficulties in raising two teams the Munro Cup was won again.

During the years 1970 to 1975 approximately £10,000 was spent on improving the club and in March 1976 the pavilion had been completed and paid for, the Welsh Sports Council having contributed £2,000.

In 1987 on the clubs 75th Anniversary mugs were obtained from Rumney pottery at a cost of £3 each and were sold to members at the same cost. It was later reported that the sale of mugs had not gone well and remaining mugs be used as prizes for internal competitions, a new flag was also bought for the Anniversary. It was also suggested that a dinner to be held to celebrate the 75th Anniversary, the captain said that many events had not been well supported and did not think a dinner would be, however it was decided to put a list up on opening day in April 1987. However there was no bowling on that day due to bad weather conditions only the first wood to official open the green.

At the May 1987 meeting of the general committee it was reported that the membership was Male 121, Female 58, Social 52 plus 14 applicants on the waiting list. This would bring the membership up to 193 and the Secretary asked if he should continue to issue membership forms.

At the next meeting the secretary was informed that he should continue issuing the membership forms.

At the A.G.M in 1997 it was decided to raise the subscriptions to £35 for Males and £23 for Ladies

During the General Committee meeting in March 1998 the Secretary reported that he had received a letter from the tennis club asking that they would be allowed to negotiate a separate lease. In the May meeting it was reported that the new lease had been drawn up for the bowling club at a cost of £1,200 for 25 years, to be reviewed every 5 years, but there was no reference to a separate lease for the tennis club although the bowls club would be able to sublet.

Consideration was given at the January 1989 General Committee meeting to resurrect the Windsor Jack Tournament and this was approved. The cost of new scoreboard was estimated at £2,300 plus vat. The committee considered this excessive and no action was taken.

At the February meeting a discussion was held about whether the club could afford a full time greenkeeper, the decision was held over to a future meeting.

It was reported at the March meeting that a sponsor was being sought for the Windsor Jack Tournament.

No sponsor had been found for the Windsor Jack Tournament by the April meeting, but the feeling by the meeting was that a sponsor should be continued to look for. In response to the letter in February it was agreed that a full time greenkeeper could not be afford at this time.

At the May meeting it was reported that the greenkeeper had found part time employment at the local golf club and this would mean working in the evening and on a Saturday. the Secretary was asked to speak to him.

At the June meeting it was reported that the greenkeeper had resigned, it was suggested that Mr Don Stafford who had done a lot of work on the greens be approached.

At the General Committee meeting in January 1998 it was agreed that Mr Don Stafford would take over the two greens but the outside work would have to be taken on by volunteers as this would be to much. It was agreed and a contract was drawn up.

Mr Ray Simpson  was congratulated at the April 1998 General meeting on his appearance at the paraplegic international. Mr Ray Simpson asked if another paraplegic bowler could use the green prior to applying for membership. This was approved providing his wheelchair was approved for use.

It was reported at May 1998 meeting that the headmaster of Evenlode school had been approached as to whether or not he would allow senior classes to attend coaching lessons, it was agreed that 33 pupils of senior classes to have coaching lessons on Tuesdays and Thursday between 10am and 11am.

The club reached the knock out stages of the Caruthers Shield for the first time in 1998.

In September 1998 a match was held between Evenlode school and Albert road school (who had been coached by Belle Vue Bowling Club) for the 19th September and a small trophy be purchased for the winning team. each school would provide four rinks and a match to be played over 11 ends. The match was won by Evenlode by 9 shots.

It was reported at the beginning of the 1999 year that all the alterations to the bar had been completed and came in well under budget. The committee praised Mr Mal Hope for all his work and as appreciation of saving the club a lot of money it was agreed Mr and Mrs hope be treated to a weekend in Paris.

In July 1999 Windsor blue was registered with the W.B.A as the colour required by the Windsor Bowling Club.

In November 1999 a meeting was held between Penarth Bowling club, Bell Vue and Windsor Bowling Club to look at setting up a competition between the three clubs. A further meeting was to be held.

On the 14th September 2000 a meeting with green specialist avon was set up and a contract of £8000 plus vat was agreed to look after both greens for a period of twelve months. this was agreed and accepted by the committee.

In October 2001 it was reported that Rectory Road had suggested that the triangular tournament between the three Penarth clubs go ahead and should start in 2002 season. The Windsor fixture secretary said that he would try to arrange the fixtures. At the November meeting the fixture secretary said it was impractical for him to arrange fixtures in 2002 season.

In February 2002 meeting it was said that a special fixture would be held to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Windsor Bowls Club, local clubs would be invited to supply rinks to celebrate the occasion.

At the 2002 august meeting it was reported that the fixture secretary should continue to discuss with the Penarth clubs as to when the triangular league would take place. At the next meeting it was reported that no replies had been received from Rectory Road or Belle Vue.

in December 2002 it was agreed that Mr Mal Hope's Quotation of £460.00 be accepted for refurbishment of the kitchen.

At the January 2003 meeting it was reported that Mal Hope had finished the refurbishment in the kitchen and super job had been made of it.

In May 2003 a letter was sent to the Vale Of Glamorgan Council of Junior Bowls to say that no Windsor Bowling Club member would be attending future meetings until there were junior members at the Windsor Bowling Club.

In July of the same year Jean Dutfield said that should provide a trophy, in memory of her husband, Eric to be played for annually for a match between Windsor Bowling Club and Penarth R.N.L.I

At the September meeting it was proposed that the A.G.M should be informed that the committee were proposing to raise the subscriptions to £90 for members and £8 for social members. In the early months of 2004 Avon had submitted a contract for both greens at a cost of £8,864 plus V.A.T for the twelve month period and this was accepted by the general committee.

In June 2004 it was reported that Windsor Bowling Club had reached the knock out rounds of the Carruthers competition and that they had beaten Gelli Park, but had been defeated in the second round by Presteigne.

At the September 2004 meeting it was reported that the subscriptions did not meet the Avon costs of maintaining the greens and therefore it was proposed to propose at the A.G.M that subscriptions be raised to £95 per member and £10 for social membership.

In November 2004 the Windsor Bowling Club was registered with Disabilty Sport Cymru as a club whre disabled bowlers would be welcomed.

At the February meeting it was agreed that the club should join the W.B.A federation to target an increasing membership in the 35 year to 55 year group. Further information would be reported at future meetings.

In July 2005 Windsor Bowling Club would support a motion at the Private Greens Emergency General Meeting that polo shirts could be worn in fixtures commencing 2006. This was agreed at the Private Greens E.G.M At the same Windsor Committee meeting it was decided to submit a recommendation to the A.G.M that the clubhouse with all its rooms become Non Smoking Zone.

At the September 2006 meeting it was suggested that the subscriptions for members be raised to £100 to cover the cost of Avon maintenance of the greens.

At the same meeting it was reported that the Windsor Bowls Club had won Munro Cup under the captaincy of Tom Fahey and the "A" team had won promotion in the PG2 under the captaincy of Dennis Tucker.

After a very successful coaching session over a period of weeks in school time the pupil's of Evenlode school who had attend the coaching sessions were sent an invitation to attend further coaching session on Tuesday 24th July at 6pm.this offer had not been accepted by any of the pupils.

With reference to the minutes of February 2005 no contact had been received from the W.B.A federation, despite the club having complied with all of the requirements.

In August 2008 a letter was sent to sully indoor bowling club informing them that Windsor Bowling Club would not be participating in the Saturday afternoon league due to a lack support. both the first team and A team captain had asked their teams if they would be prepared to turn out on a Saturday afternoon and there were very few acceptors.

A committee was set up to prepare items for the Centenary year which was to take place in 2012. The committee to be formed of the following:- Mrs Sheila Fullbrook, Mrs Moyra Owen, David Adams, Dennis Tucker, Roger Calrow, Tom Fahey, Brian Rogers and Alun Daniel, added later Ken Shaw, Mrs Di Thomas and Paul Gunter.

A quotation was recived from Ospery Irrigation Ltd in the sum of £6,067 plus V.A.T for upgrading of the sprinkler system and the sum of £1,349 plus V.A.T for providing an electricity supply for the upgrade. The quote was accepted at a reduced cost and work is due to be completed in april 2012.