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Plymouth & District Mens Bowling League

Green's Meeting Oct 2019

Street Services

Bowling Green Meeting

Thursday 3rd October 2019

Devonport Bowling Green



C Fiske                        Team Leader

C Johnson                   Team Leader

N Cotterill                    Natural Infrastructure Officer

A Breeze                     Business Support Assistant

D Bartrop                    Pennycross Sports

P Bell                           P&D and Tamar

D Bray                         New Plymouth

B Bricknell                   Beacon Down

R Chaffe                     Tamar

A Clake                       Plympton

M Crook                      Stuart Road

B Cudlip                      Pennycross Sports

J Harding                    Citybus Ladies

V Hingston                  Oreston

M Hobbs                     Beacon Down

B Hoggarth                  Stuart Road

K James                      Devonport

B Jewell                      Plymouth Visually Impaired

S Kirby                                    Mount Gold

E Melluish                   City of Plymouth

K Melluish                   Plymouth Hoe Ladies

G Morris                      Harewood

K O’Neill                      Tothill

S Phillips                     Citybus Ladies

J Ryder                       Tothill

R Vant                         Mt Gold




Cllr Sue Dann/G Walker/Cllr Jordan/Cllr Smith/I Hill


Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

Minutes not agreed as a true representation of the meeting.

Points to be altered:

Attendees List –          M Steer was not in attendance.

                                    E Melluish was in attendance

4.3 “Veranda was repaired but the guttering is still leaking.  Report to Corporate Property. (Case 32107839)  - work was completed 29 November 2019 (JNE Construction)” - This statement was incorrect and the veranda and guttering are still outstanding.

“Three benches are in a bad state of repair and are a safety concern.  One has a plaque on it” - This was cut and pasted from previous minutes.  It was agreed at the meeting that CF would go away and investigate this.

“Toilet is a disgrace.  CF explained that the park as a whole needs toilets.  CF is meeting with the Natural Infrastructure Team/Corporate Property in next couple of weeks to discuss this need” – This was cut and pasted from previous minutes and was not referred to at all.  But no update on the toilet situation.

“Security lighting on the top of the roof concern over exposed cabling.  AB to report to Corporate Property (Case 32403625). Unable to gain access to bowling pavilion, case closed 8 February 2019. “  - This was not mentioned at the meeting.  Why would case be closed as it’s a safety issue.

“Loose brickwork on the outside toilet block.  To be reported to Corporate Property (Case 32404319)” - Emphasised how dangerous this was at the last meeting.  This statement was copied from previous minutes.

Reported that the washbasin is in a poor state of repair – this was not even included in the minutes at all.

It was then agreed that CF would chase all of these issues.

5. AOB – “Fees for the next season is confirmed at £132”.  This is not what happened.  CF was going to check the fee and confirm by email.  This didn’t happen.  KJ got the price off Dawn Goldsworthy who was going to inform all the clubs but this didn’t happen.

CF apologised for the inaccurate minutes and explained that Business Support were under pressure with Alison being off long term sick at that point.

K O’N – unhappy that he had no response from his email with regards to the points he had raised to the inaccurate minutes.  CF clarified that she had forwarded to the Business Support Team to respond.  CF apologised again for this and that Alison is back taking the minutes which she believed no complaints had been made about them in the past.


Winter Maintenance

Maintenance Scheduling Sheet was handed out to all.

BC – No mention of rolling in the schedule.  Why is this?  CJ – Rolling is not recommended and doesn’t have any effect.  PB – this is an essential part of the maintenance.  Jacks are bumping up and down.  It compacts it and then requires deep hollow tining.  CJ – we are hollow tining now as well as top dressing and seeding.  Also will seed again in spring.

PB – we came off the greens early last year to help with maintenance but it is the worst the greens have been in 30 years.  CF – we do all we can to keep them up to standard but there is no money available to do it and our hands are tied.

PB – Can we take this up with Cllr Smith?  CF – yes.  Last year we had limited funding and only sand and hollow tined a few greens. We do have more funding this year and we will be carrying out work on all the greens.

Tothill – How about the edges at Tothill are they going to be done this year as the woods run into the ditch?  CJ – We are unable to do this for Health & Safety reasons.  The machinery used can only be used for 3 minutes as the hand vibration is so high and we cannot go against the Health & Safety Executive.  PB – Can a contractor do it? No we cannot put the risk onto someone else.

PB – Are you going to be spraying?    CJ – yes it is on the schedule and we will be seeding beginning now.  Grass seed needs to be of a better grade this year. CJ will speak to IH with regards this.

CF – We have started scarifying.  Devonport has been done and we will work through the others.  I would like to say that Ian and Andy work incredibly hard out on the greens.  Between the pair of them they are looking after 7 greens.  VK – I would like to thank Ian and Andy for their hard work as they do their best.

Question was asked as to where the money does go with all the income from the season tickets?  NC – obviously it is spent on salaries for the staff/equipment/materials/machinery/rates/utility bills.  CF confirmed that the chemicals/topsoil and machine hire are not cheap.

DB – Can you confirm that the central park facility will be finished by next spring?  CF – As this is something being dealt with by Zoe Sydenham’s Team I have no definite answers but I very much hope it will be.

Bowling Green Feedback

Central Park

What is happening with the watering system?   CJ - it was switched off by the contractor but it is back on and working but not sure if on timer.

PB – Letter received from Peter Smith stating that the team will be monitoring the watering systems.  CF to speak with IH about all the watering systems and see where we are with them.                                                                              

Devonport Park

PB – looking at the winter schedule you will be cutting twice in 3 days.  Why is this?  CF – the team work Mon-Thurs on bowling greens.  Fridays they work on football pitches.  CJ - this schedule is a starting point and if the greens need more cutting we will try to do this.


37 holes have been counted in the green and believe it is a fox causing the damage.  This needs to be stopped and the green rectified.  CJ/CF to look at installing a wire fencing around the green.

New boards were delivered but just piled up.  CJ will speak to IH with regards to raising the edges and if possible this will be done.

IH/PS have asked if the players can help the situation and only use two corners for stepping on/off the green.

Kat Deeney when she visited Tothill promised to look at new roller wheels on the watering system.  CJ/CF to cost.

Request for a storage shed.  NC to speak with Kat Deeney.

Harewood, Plympton

Large hole in the watering tank.  CF – repair all arranged for next week to repair the fibreglass.

Sycamore in the corner branches are hanging over the roof on shed and tank.  CF to pass to the Tree Team.

The Hoe

EM – Still no hot water in the gents toilet.  This has been for a few years now.  CF to speak with Gordon Kinvig from Facilities Management.

Light still not working downstairs in the passage by the Visually Impaired door to changing room.  Was passed to FM.

Loose toilet seats in the gents/ladies toilets.  To be passed to FM.

Long standing concern over the parking charges for the bowlers on The Hoe.  No-one is interested in helping and charges have gone up and charges for after 6pm.  CF – I am unsure how we can help as all avenues have been looked at.  EM – if Plymouth City Council want people playing bowls on the most iconic bowling green something needs to be done to help with cheaper parking charges for them.  Can the prom not be utilised for parking? If parking wasn’t an issue they would entice more members to the club.   NC will look into the query.

PB – Bowlers visited Portsmouth this year where they had cheaper parking scheme in place for the bowlers. Why can’t we have a similar scheme?

Deans Cross

VH – tap outside is still leaking and has been for 4/5 years.  So now they turn the stop cock on and off which is out in the car park.

Watering system the pole is so antiquated and needs looking at.  IH to take a look.


Any Other Business

Nigel Cotterill ran through the Cases which had been reported to Facilities Management with each club to clarify what work had been completed. 


Veranda guttering leaking.  (Case 32107839)  -  When KO’N Met with Gordon Kinvig there was a query over the actual responsibility of this building.  CF will speak to Gordon but all property repairs are under Facilities Management so shouldn’t be an issue with Tothill.

Security lighting on the top of the roof concern over exposed cabling.  (Case 32403625) - outstanding

Loose brickwork on the outside toilet block (Case 32404319) – outstanding

The Hoe

First light by changing rooms not working (Case 32107627) – outstanding.

Ladies toilet – first cubicle out of action (Case 32373292) – completed.

Mens toilet – no hot water (Case 32107302) – ongoing

Upstairs – centre light needs replacing (Case 32107627) – completed.

Veranda – ceiling needs attention (Case 32373041) – completed.

Nigel Cotterill will go through these issues and liaise with Kat Deeney and Facilities Management.  Nigel Cotterill is a new Natural Infrastructure Officer.

Request for green fees next year to be passed to all clubs as soon as it is known.  AB will arrange this.

Request for minutes to be sent to Cllr Jordan/Cllr Dann/Cllr Smith.  AB to action


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 19th March 2020 – Central Park Sports Hub at 10am