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Plymouth & District Mens Bowling League

Greens Mtg5/10/17 Minutes

Street Cleansing and Grounds

Bowling Green Meeting

Thursday 5th October 2017

Devonport Bowling Green



C Johnson                   Team Leader

I Hill                             Bowling Green Maintenance Team

A Breeze                     Business Support Assistant

D Bartrop                    Pennycross Sports

P Bell                           P&D and Tamar

R Chaffe                     Citybus

M Crook                      Stuart Road

B Cudlip                      Civil Service

P Evans                      Peverell Park

T Garner                     PVIBC

C Harris                       PVIBC

V Hingston                  Oreston

B Hoggarth                  Stuart Road

K James                      Devonport Park

K O’Neill                      Tothill

S Phillips                     Citybus Ladies

J Treleaven                 Plymouth Hoe Ladies

G Walker                     Oreston

R Vant                         Mt Gold

B Davis                       New Plymouth


Cc: Gareth Harrison-Poole






L Neville, P Stewart, P Hurrell, C George, C Fice, J Harding, D Bray





Matters Arising from Previous Minutes


2. Central Park Plan – AB to contact Tom Lowry to arrange meeting bowling clubs to discuss the Central Park Plan.


2.4 The Hoe – Changing locks may affect insurance.  LN to check with Corporate Property.


2.5 LN confirmed that the bowling club is not allowed access to the lease as is part of the Plymstock Central Sports Association lease. No relationship between the bowlers and the association.  LN to arrange a site meeting with the association and a surveyor to get to the bottom of the situation - ongoing


4.3 White paint for Tothill was supplied. Thankyou.


5.1 Central Park main gate IH will look at before start of next season.


5.2 Devonport Park – brown patches on green did improve after club were shown how to use the watering system.


5.3 – Tothill - loose boards will be done over winter maintenance.


5.5 – Vaping/smoking issue – email from Keith James states that smoking is prohibited during all rounds up to and including Bowls England National Championships and competition finals.  Smoking on the green during other matches and competitions is at the discretion of individual clubs.  AB to speak to Legal and find out the PCC Policy.


Fir stumps still not removed – CJ to speak with Tree Gang.


IH to look at the creeper which has grown back.


No bark was delivered as temporary building is in the way until November.  IH will arrange once the building has been removed.



Winter Maintenance


IH – All greens will be scarified in one direction.  Then in the other direction.  A 3rd direction will be done if necessary.  Greens will be over seeded and have a granular winter feed.


All greens will be pencil tined and toadrush sprayed in autumn.  The chemical used is best used twice a year now and at the start of the season as it works best in the growing season.  The surrounds will be done on all greens.


The Hoe will be slightly behind on the maintenance due to a private booking on the 14th October.  IH will then start maintenance.


Was agreed that the boards at Deans Cross are in the worst condition.  These will be done after the winter maintenance on the green.


IH to cost up the work for boards on all the greens which need doing.




Bowling Green Feedback


Central Park


Not happy with the state of the greens this season.  Watering system doesn’t even look like it was used during the dry spell and that’s why the green looked so bad.  IH confirmed that it was used and not all the sprinklers work but they are not all needed.  He is happy to show people how to use the system so they can help with the watering.  IH to organise this with DB.  Clubs will just have to make sure they do not overwater.


IH confirmed that the broken bench has been removed and the bench from the scoreboard area has been moved up.  The plaque on the old one has been given to Business Support.


DB asked about the £126 season ticket price and why this money is not used on cleaning of and the provision of toilet rolls within the pavilion.  Why do the clubs at Central Park have to pay £80 each to a private cleaner?  It was explained that the £126 is purely used for the upkeep of the greens themselves and the surrounding area.  It was agreed at this meeting about 4/5 years ago that the clubs would look after and clean the inside of the buildings.


Devonport Park


PB – nothing other than the bare patches to be looked at over the winter maintenance.


SP thanked IH for the gate.




Veranda was repaired but the guttering is still leaking.  Report to Corporate Property.


Three benches are in a bad state of repair and are a safety concern.  One has a plaque on it. 


Security light on top of the roof.  Concerned about the safety of this as exposed cabling.  To be logged to Corporate Property.


Buddleia removed from the outside toilet block.  There are loose bricks.

CP suggested that a member of staff from Corporate Property be invited to come along to the next meeting to talk about how we report issues to them and how they prioritise and deal with defects on the buildings.


KO'N  suggested if they could put up advertising board to say when the club has their next games.  CP agreed to this.




Fir trees have not been worked on as requested.  CJ to talk to tree gang.


IH to visit and look at the watering system as automatic system doesn’t seem to be working.  Agreed that a review of all the watering systems needs to happen.


The Hoe


EM – Algae on the footpaths.  IH to spray the moss and power wash it. 


EM – the condemned hot water system in the men’s any chance the one In the ladies can be piped through to the men’s.  Report to Corporate Property


EM – Veranda painting which was asked for 3 seasons ago.  Corporate Property said it wasn’t a priority. 


EM – No key to the notice board.  CJ to supply a key.


EM – MTV caused lots of damage to the flooring of the building.  CJ to speak with Ray House, Events Team.


EM – Request for camellia to be trimmed down.  IH will do this.


EM – has heard that the pavilion is being used for Firework Night.  Is this correct?  CJ to speak with Ray House.


Request for new scoreboard.  IH has a spare white one.  Board to be swapped over.


Thanks for replacing 3 benches.


All users of the Hoe Bowling Green are unhappy with the way in which the green and building are not being looked after.  The green itself is terrible and not up to scratch so they cannot hold county competitions on it.  It is the most famous green in the world and everyone who is into bowls and visits Plymouth take pictures of it.  Why is it being left to go to such a bad state?  Do PCC have an agenda to close the green like they did Victoria Park?  It is becoming ‘not fit for purpose’ and teams are refusing to come and play on it.  What can be done?  Answer to these questions would be appreciated.  CJ to speak to Gareth Harrison-Poole, Head of Service.


Deans Cross


Still no disabled toilet facility.  LN was looking into this.


Thank you for new benches.



Any Other Business


AB apologised for the List of Registered Players not being sent out this year.  It was agreed that teams to send their requests for season tickets in by the end of April next year.


Any idea of fees for next year?  Prices will not be known till around February/March 2018.


Agreed that Greens to open Saturday 14th April 2018.




Date of Next Meeting


Thursday 12th April 2018 – Devonport Park at 2pm