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Minutes council mtg8/3/21





Bowls Club Meeting 08.03.2021 5.30pm – Microsoft Teams


  1. Overview of 2020 - PCC
  2. Views from the clubs - Covid update, proposed season dates and expected playing numbers
  3. Update on greens and facilities - PCC
  4. Arrangements for bowling in 2021
  5. Next steps


Phil Riley – Pennycross Bowls Club Secretary

Vicky Hingston – Oreston

Kevin O’Neill – Tothill Bowls

Mike Conn – Peverell Park (Rodney Evans couldn’t attend)

Keith James - Secretary Devonport

Richard Needham – Plymouth and District League Results and Fixtures Secretary

Herbert Hoggath – Captain on Hoe, standing in for Burt Hoggath

Brian Bricknell – Beacon Down (Central Park)

Colin Way -  Plympton

Kath Melluish -

David Bray -

Arthur Ainslee -

Pete Bell – Tamar and District League


  1. Overview of 2020:

The booking system used at CP, Hoe, DP and Tothill was generally successful. Unusual year meant more work for PCC’s Business Support team to follow up fees payment – thanks to all who assisted with that process. We know it wasn’t perfect but did mean we could ensure fair payment. Significant loss of income in 2020_21 with lack of fees exacerbating already difficult financial situation. PCC as a whole has recovered percentage of Covid losses and additional expenditure from Central Government but this doesn’t cover full cost. Greens continued to be maintained and light year helped some recovery of green condition but staffing was stretched at different points throughout the year.

  1. Views from the clubs

    Tothill – opening up in April but not properly until June.  Don’t expect league structure to be starting until later.

    Pennycross – waiting for guidance to come from PCC.  Keen to play dependent on use of greens and building.

    Oreston – hoping to open on 17 April.  Applying same Covid guidelines as last year.

    Peverell Park – want to play, waiting for guidance.  Also struggling for members.

    Devonport – Would like to use P&D fixtures starting from the beginning of the season.  Expecting around 20 in our groups

    Beacon Down – 22 members hoping to play

    Stuart Road – struggling to find players or will fold.  Bert will share his mobile so people can contact him.  0753346633.  Have to pay to park and difficult to attract players – could they get a concession? 

    Action:  PCC to follow up internally regarding this possibility.

    Response: PCC Parking have responded to say that there are no parking concessions available in this area but suggest contacting any private landowners for options.

    Plympton – want to open as soon as we can.  Happy to adopt same as last time.  Expect only 3 rinks open.  Expect membership of at least 80.

    Need to wait until 29 March when Bowls England announce.  Expecting rule of 6 for first 5 week period and possibly rink in between.  League bowls will be stalled until able to meet more than 30.  Likely to be after June.  Not sure how fixtures are going to work.   Clear that use of changing rooms is unlikely.

    Vicky seems to think that the ladies tea are playing P&D – need to chat to Richard Needham.

  2. Update on Greens and facilities

Central Park – team sorting out the sprinkler systems.  Zoe to contact Central Park clubs to discuss roadmap for use of new Community Sports Hub when Argyle Community Trust come in. 

PCC will contact each site independently regarding particularities of each site.

Awaiting comments back from PCC Health and Safety and Facilities Management teams.

4.    Arrangements for 2021

Booking system – aim to use same system as last year.

Fees are £139 this year.

Facilities availability will depend on Bowls England guidance but initial feedback is that clubs will need  to sign up to agreed Covid-secure approach as last year as a minimum.

Feedback from clubs

Fees – clubs concerned that we don’t want to pay if we don’t have the whole system.  Fees should reflect that.  Suggested pro-rata fee.  Most clubs seem to be happy with that.

PCC to feed this back to Directors.

Mixed views on booking system

Wish to promote booking system – Mike used ACT and found it very helpful and no problem.  Kevin didn’t like it.   Keith James didn’t like it.  Need to think about a different way of doing it. 

Some reminded the meeting that during a ‘normal’ season it was a requirement of clubs to send fixtures to at the beginning of the season so that the Council knows which may interfere with grass cutting. 

Next steps

  • PCC will be in touch with clubs about use of individual sites. 
  • We will need similar risk assessments from clubs with separate leases as last season.  Keen to open in April. 
  • Suggest that clubs send in proposed fixtures to Alison Breeze as that will be helpful accepting that this is due to change
  • Devonport Park – building leased to Martin Stephens – needs to be done jointly with him.  Could meet on Green as long as guidelines followed. 
  • Tothill – CA agreed to contact Kevin O’Neill re building use and greens
  • P&D agreed that we don’t know what play can be but agreed that players could just use the fixtures to play informally
  • Tothill – complained about lack of communications from PCC
  • Need to involve all Central Park clubs at the meeting about the CSH