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Portsmouth Area Talking News

Yesterday Magazine

Yesterday Magazine

This is read for you by various members of the recording teams, some in their own homes and is put together each quarter in the studio for sending out. It is sent out four times a year and coincides with the timing of the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Yesterday relives interesting events that happened in the past along the South Coast mainly, but other interesting articles are included. It  includes interviews with local people of the time from archived material, a lot of this has been provided by the Wessex Archives, for which we are very grateful.

We have recently connected with British Wireless for the Blind Fund, who have allowed us to upload our recordings to their server allowing us to stream the recordings to you. Click on the link and download the edition. The link marked Playlist is for Sonata users, use the Winmedia link for programmes such as Windows Media Player. We now have a new service in which you can listen directly from your computer, or even your tablet, whether it is android, windows or IOS (you will have to click on each track withe IOS devices), just click on the Web Player version - you will just have to click and listen to each track in turn (unless using an IOS device, see above).

Yesterday Recordings available, with the latest showing first:

Yesterday Magazine: June 2018, Edition 39: Quarterly                Playlist            Winmedia            Web Player (New)