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Prees Parish Council

Agendas for meetings held in 2016

Here you will find the Agendas/Public notices for Parish Council meetings held in 2016

Agenda for 19/01/16 Public-Notice-FC-meeting-Tues-19th-January-2016.pdf 214.9 KB Agenda for an extraordinary meeting 27/01/16 Public-Notice-extraordinary-meeting--Wed-27th-Jan-16..pdf 201 KB Agenda for 16/02/16 Public-Notice-FC-meeting-Tues-16th-February-2016.pdf 209.6 KB Agenda for 15/03/16 Public-Notice-FC-meeting-Tues-15th-March-2016.pdf 285.1 KB Agenda for the Annual Parish meeting 19/04/16 Agenda-Annual-Parish-Meeting-Tues-19-April-16.pdf 140.5 KB Agenda for meeting on 19/04/16 Public-Nptice-FC-meeting-Tues-19th-April-2016.pdf 199.9 KB Agenda for the AGM and ordinary meeting on 17/05/16. Public-Notice-FC-meeting--and-AGM-Tues-17-May-16.pdf 202.8 KB Agenda for the meeting on 21st June 2016 Public-Notice--FC-meeting-Tues-21-June-16.pdf 238.7 KB Agenda for Personnel Committee Meeting 5th July 2016 Personnel-Committe-Public-Notice-5.06.16.pdf 104.2 KB Agenda for the meeting on 19th July 2016 Public-Notice-FC-meeting-Tues-19-July-16.pdf 197.3 KB Agenda for the meeting on 16th August 2016 Public-Notice-FC-meeting-Tues-16-Aug-16.pdf 197.9 KB Agenda for the meeting on 20th September 2016 Agenda-FC-meeting-Tuesday-20-September-2016.pdf 152.2 KB Agenda for the meeting on 18th October 2016 Agenda-FC-meeting-18.10.16.pdf 167.9 KB Agenda for the meeting on 15th November 2016 Agenda-15.11.16-ready-for-noticeboards.pdf 148.1 KB Agenda for the meeting on 13th December 2016 agenda-13.12.16-public-notice.pdf 155.2 KB Agenda for the meeting on 24th January 2017 Public-Notice-FCM-24.1.17.pdf 173.2 KB