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Prees Parish Council


Community Charge 2019-20

Prees Parish Council is pleased that the charge it levies on residents, as part of the Community Charge, has remained the same and it believes that it is able to maintain the services currently provided. The Parish Council remains committed to ensuring that increases in charges are monitored to ensure they provide value to all residents.


Smartwater Update: Following Prees Parish Council's handing-out of FREE Smartwater property protection kits to residents of the Prees and Fauls wards of the Parish, now look out for the  signs that will have been erected on parish roads warning would-be thieves that this is a Smartwater-protected area!

If you are resident in the Prees or Fauls wards and still have not claimed your free Smartwater kit, look out on this page, on the Parish Council's Facebook page and on Parish Council noticeboards for upcoming opportunities to collect your kit and join the other residents who have got their property protected!  

Prees War Memorial Prees War Memorial