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Prees Parish Council


If you are interested in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, there is a meeting at Tern Hill Hall Hotel, Tern Hill, Market Drayton TF9 3PU on Thursday 17th January 2019 at 7.30 pm.

THREE current  IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE!  (Scroll down to access all three including Smartwater distribution dates)

1. The Parochial Church Council at St Chad's in Prees is planning to re-use the grave-yard in the church grounds for future burials.  Please read the document here:

 PUBLIC NOTICE: To whom it may concern:
St Chad’s Church, Prees, Shropshire, SY13 2EE Old Churchyard.
The Parochial Church Council of St. Chad’s, Prees, working closely with Lichfield Diocese, will be applying to The Chancellor to re-position 11 headstones and 4 tombs from the South section of the old churchyard. The headstones identified are all well over 100 years old but, as with all headstones and memorials, remain the property of the families who bought them. We seek direct descendants of the people identified below:
Hannah Williams d1858 Dogmoor Gate
John Humphreys d1892, William d1892 and Sarah d1903 of Prees Green
Charles Humphries d1834, Thomas d1851 and Sarah d1888 of Prees Green
Jayne Chidlow d1890 also George d1914 of Aldersay
Richard Chidlow d1822
George Shinglar d1818 of Fauls Green
Elizabeth Mills d1810 of Fauls Green
Randell Clorley d1834 also Elizabeth d1848, also George d1849 also Jane Wilkinson d1877
Thomas Ash d25.11.?? of Prees also Thomas Ash d20.?.??
William Batho d1839 also Anne d1846 also Hannah d1842 also William d1872 of Prees
Richard Whitfield d1847 also Ann d1872 also Richard Thomas d1868 of Breids (Brades?)
Paul Gregory d1785 also Sarah d1787 also Paul d1788 also Sarah d1815 of Prees
Mary, wife of Richard Chidley d1745-6 also Mary wife of Hugh Chidley d1810
Harriet Whitfield d1860
Mary Pate d1869 also Thomas d1869
The Parochial Church Council have no plans to re-position any other headstones or tombs.
If you believe that a deceased relative is named above, please write to:
Churchyard administrator, c/o The Vicarage, Prees SY13 2EE
Or email: saintchadsprees@hotmail.com
Initial contact must be made by 10.1.19
You will be contacted with further details regarding future plans.
More details, including full inscriptions and a small display will be available at the back of church from Sunday 9th December 2018. 


2.There is a FREE Smartwater Property Protection kit reserved for YOU  if you live in the Prees or Fauls wards of the Parish!  All you have to do is come and collect it.  Please click on the down arrow on the HOME page to read all about Smartwater and see below for collection dates. 

  •  Tuesday 15th January 2019  Prees Village Hall 6-7pm
  • Saturday 19th January 2019  Prees Village Hall 12-2pm
  •  Tuesday 19th February 2019 Prees Village Hall 6-7pm

If it is difficult for you to collect your Smartwater kit, telephone the clerk (Karen Sieloff on 01948 841124) and she will arrange to get one delivered to you.

3.  Have your say on local development!

Shropshire County Council are undertaking a consultation for the Local Plan Review Preferred Sites from 29 November 2018 until 8  February 2019. This consultation will ultimately lead to a report for Government approval of housing provision in Shropshire.

Part of the Consultation identifies a proposal to build some houses in Prees and you may consider that this will have an impact on you; positive or negative. 

Take the opportunity to make a comment and if you have alternative suggestions make them known to the Planning team at Shropshire County Council.

View the consultation on the website at:



Contact Planning Policy   0345 678 9004 

Shropshire Council


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