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Ramsey (Cambridgeshire) Men's Shed


The Ramsey (Cambridgeshire) Men in Sheds Association (RamShed) was formed in April 2017 under the guidance of the UK Men's Sheds to promote greater social activity, improved mental health and better physical well-being for one particularly overlooked demographic – men of a certain age, recently retired or otherwise not working.

Our group is aimed at delivering:

  • excellent opportunities for socialising in a safe & healthy environment providing the space, expertise, and equipment for its members to pursue hobbies, crafts and creative activities.
  • a base for its members to interact with others while participating in group or individual projects.                 
  • a space to encourage learning for individuals, cultural groups and as a health benefit.
  • projects for the wider community which are for some reason unable to proceed through normal commercial channels or from a lack of central / local funding (we never compete with professional trades people).
  • a way for members to maintain and even improve their health and well-being as a result of participation in worthwhile activity, while making new friends and enjoying working on a range of practical projects.
  • skills transfer, passing on those hard earned skills (and experience) that took years to build.

RamShed is now established with a sound membership and a strong committee.   We have settled into our premises and the workshops (one upstairs and one down) are complete - but always improving.  We meet on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings around 10 a.m. but Wednesday is the main day.  We have a number of projects on the go and the kettle is always on.

 If you're interested in joining us, or you know of someone who may benefit from being part of RamShed, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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