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RCMA Farmers' Markets

Supporting a One Planet Wales

RCMA continues to expand its various local food activities as we expanded on the basic mission of helping to ensure a plentiful and delicious supply of ‘local food for local people’. 

Our markets seem busier than ever, and we get many positive comments from people who value the contribution they make to the quality of life of Cardiff as a whole, and of the communities where the markets are located. 

We also continue to receive very positive feedback from our many customers - more than three thousand of whom now receive a regular e-newsletter. 

We find our farmers markets and our various outreach and educational activities being increasingly referred to as examples of good practice in Welsh Assembly documents and as one of the key city attractions in Cardiff. 

It is an interesting time to be involved in the local food business in Wales. The Assembly Government published several strategies which have direct links with what we are aiming to do in contributing to a vibrant local food economy in Wales, and making Wales a One Planet Nation! 

At a national level there has been a steady stream of policy statements from agencies such as Friends of The Earth, the World Wildlife Fund, Sustain and the Soil Association all making the case in ever clearer terms that a healthy, happy, sustainable world demands a drastic restructuring of our absurdly oil-dependant industrialized food system. 

Some powerful films produced during 2009 such as ‘Food Inc.’, and television programmes such as the excellent BBC series ‘The Future of Food’ have further driven the case home. The UK Government reached a more timid but fundamentally similar conclusion in its ‘Food 2030’ report. 

So we feel there is no question that Local Food - and RCMA – is here to stay!

Supporting a One Planet Wales, RCMA Farmers' Markets