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Stephen Stephen

Raising funds for any cause is not easy even for the hardened professionals, but for the inexperienced it is a truly daunting experience. Nobody ‘likes’ asking people for money! And, in truth, many people don’t like ‘being asked’ for money either....but sometimes the cause is so compelling that even the meek pluck the courage to ask and even the hardhearted give generously!

We are not claiming to be either meek or hard-hearted, but we have been constantly impressed by the professionalism, dedication and commitment everyone concerned with Piam Brown Ward has shown to the patients, their families and friends . The personal care has been exemplary and the attention to detail outstanding.

However, watching my teenage daughter fight an epic battle against bone cancer, suffer the pain of major orthopaedic surgery, learn to walk again and overcome multiple organ failure and a serious heart condition has truly ‘humbled’ me to a degree that I never thought possible. Her courage, tenacity and determination have been an inspiration to me, our family and friends and nothing Coast 2 Coast can throw at us will ever compare to the challenges that our daughter and many other children like her experience every day in Piam Brown.

You can help all those who need and use Piam Brown in a variety of ways and many already have! I truly hope that you will give generously and with a joyful heart, whether it is with money, equipment, time, support, advice, encouragement, prayers or just good wishes. So click on ‘How to donate’ to make a contribution!

Thank you