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Get your FREE SmartWater kit

By Clerk to the Council Rodington Parish Council

Friday, 6 March 2020


Rodington Parish Council Contributor


Acquisitive crime, including burglary, robbery and theft harms our communities.

Our personal possessions often carry an emotional attachment and when such crimes are committed, it can have a long lasting effect on the individual victim and the community as a whole.

The British Journal of Criminology reports: ‘research has demonstrated that the probability of repeat victimisation is greater than the probability of an independent offence’

The We Don’t Buy crime initiative aims to offer Smartwater technology and a package of crime prevention measures. This involves installation of comprehensive signage, publicity and police investment in equipment, training and a visible police presence. This enables Rodington Parish Council and West Mercia Police to deliver the most comprehensive area-wide crime prevention initiative.

Smartwater is a colourless liquid that is traceable under ultra violet light. The liquid carries a chemical ‘code’ which is registered to an individual address or location. Smartwater can mark anything from items of jewellery to lead roofing, and is almost impossible to remove. Police can analyse Smartwater to prove where any item of property originated.

Household adoption of SmartWater marking in this area will result in one of the most sophisticated, simple, effective and long-lived deterrent to acquisitive crime available in the UK today, at minimal cost to the community through the “We Don’t Buy Crime” initiative.

Take your opportunity and collect your free kit…

Saturday 21st March 10am-12pm at Longdon-upon-Tern Village Hall

Saturday 28th Mrch 10am-12pm at Rodington Village Hall

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