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Men’s Section                                                                   Ladies Section

Wilts Captain Dave Snell                                                    Captain Ms C Daniel

Wilts Vice-Captain  James Nobbs                                      Vice Captain Mrs P Murray

Wilts 3 Rink Captain James Nobbs

Wilts 3 Rink Vice Captain Chris Cheesley

S&D “A” Captain Mike Jones                                              

S&D “A” Vice-Captain Mike Martin                                     Secretary Mrs Bev Williamson

S&D “A” Triples Captain Eddie Levine                               Treasurer Mrs Sue Reeve

S&D “A” Triples Vice-Captain Ralph Palphramand            Fixture Secretary Mrs Bev Williamson

S&D "B" Captain" Graham Richards                                  Wilts Delegate Mrs Bev Williamson

S&D "B" Vice-Captain Andy Crump                                   S&D Delegate Mrs Bev Williamson

S&D  "B"  Triples Captain Colin Kinsman                           Competition Secretary Mrs Bev Williamson 

S&D "B"  Triples Vice-Captain Mike Jones

S&D "C" Triples Captain Graham Richards

S&D "C" Triples Vice Captain Alan Small

S&D "D" Triples Captain Phil Hughes

S&D "D" Triples Vice Captain Mike Martin

Saturday Captain Phil Hughes

Sunday Captain Mike Jones                                 

Comp. Secretary Dave Godwin 

S&D Delegate Chris Cheesley 

Coaches: Alan Small, Doug McDaniell                                                Juniors Coach: Mike Jones