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Coaching Tips & Practise

All new bowlers who express an interest in learning the game of bowls are taken through a series of free coaching lessons by qualified bowling coaches. This gives you the correct bowling stance and delivery action required to go on and enjoy the game of bowls for a lifetime.

Any age can be accommodated from 8 years to 80 or more. We suggest a course of approximately six lessons (some need more & others less). All lessons are tailored to your needs to bowl proficiently, at a time that is mutually convenient to you and your coach.

All equipment is provided free by the Club, all we require from you is that you wear flat soled shoes.

So come on - take the plunge, but there is a health warning:

Bowls can become addictive, so beware!!

Our next New Bowlers Evening is on 7th May at 6.30 pm.

For further details contact Alan Small on 07902735418

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    Club Development Officer, Alan Small:   

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