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Delivery routine tips

Kens Coaching.

Delivery Routine.

What is a routine?

It is carrying out a sequence in exactly the same way every single time, such as delivering a bowl. Without a delivery routine it is unlikely you will deliver many bowls the same, and it all starts from picking up the bowl. Every person will deliver a bowl in their own particular way, therefore you need to adapt a routine that suits your style.

So let’s go through a typical delivery routine.

1 Pick up the bowl, if you use a polishing cloth now is the time to use it.

2 Take a firm grip on the bowl with the fingers, not the thumb.

3 Now is the time to start thinking of the shot you are about to play.

4 Walk on to the mat at an angle pointing down the line you are going to bowl, if you are right handed the right foot should be the first one on the mat pointing down the line, it will be opposite if you are left handed.

5 Get into the delivery stance, and sort your mark out on the green.

6 Now look at the target you are going to be bowling at, this is to let your brain know how much weight you will need, follow this by taking a deepish breath through your diaphragm and hold it, by holding your breath it will help to keep your body and head still on delivery.

7 Still holding your breath, looking back at the mark on the green deliver the bowl and stay down still holding your breath until the bowl has travelled about 6 or 7 metres down the green.

8 One way to know how long to stay down is to say under your breath one and two and three and four that will be approximately 3 to 4 seconds.

9 Now release your breath.

10 Watch the bowl all the way down the green until it stops even if you know it is poor delivery, you can learn just as much if not more from a bad delivery.

One thing I wish to point out is to stand on the mat with both feet flat on the mat.