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Rye Farmers Market


Constitution of Rye Farmers Market

1. NAME :The name of the organisation shall be Rye Farmers' Market (RFM)

2. OBJECTIVES :The RFM's objectives are to: 
1) Organise markets for the sale of local produce according to the rules as determined by the committee. 
2) Promote the development of a sustainable local economy.

a) The management of the RFM shall be in the hands of the committee, which shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to 6 other persons. 
b) The committee members shall be elected annually at an open meeting (the annual meeting), which has been advertised in Rye Fixtures and at the 2 preceding markets from those persons nominated to the chair at the meeting and if necessary by a ballot of persons present at the meeting. 
c) The committee will consist of not more than ten and not less than 5 members of which not more than half their number shall be stallholders provided that at all times at least one committee member shall be a stallholder and one committee member shall be a representative of the local residents. 
d) The committee shall have the power to co-opt non-voting members. 
e) The officers shall be elected by and out of the Committee, but no Chairman shall remain in office for more than three years consecutively but may be re-elected after an interval of one year 
f) Four members at a Committee Meeting shall constitute a quorum and the proviso in subclause c shall apply. 
g) A committee member shall be deemed to have resigned from the committee if they fail to give prior notice to the secretary of their absence from 4 regular committee meetings. 
h) Decisions about the management of the RFM shall be made on the basis of a simple majority of the committee members present, the Chairman of the meeting will have a casting vote. 
i) The committee shall meet, as it deems necessary but not less than once in every three months and reasonable notice of every meeting must be given to each member of the committee.

a) The funds of the RFM including all donations contributions and bequests shall be paid into an account operated by the committee in the name of Rye Farmers Market at such bank or building society as the committee shall from time to time decide. 
b) All cheques drawn must be signed by 2 members of the committee. 
c) The funds belonging to RFM shall be applied only in furthering the objects or meeting proper expenditure of the RFM.

a) The committee shall ensure that proper accounts of all income and expenditure and investments (if any) of RFM are maintained. 
b) An annual statement of account independently audited will be prepared and presented to the committee 21 days before each annual meeting. Copies of these accounts shall be available to interested parties subject to the committees prior approval.

An Annual report of the activities of RFM shall be prepared by the chairman and be submitted to the committee 21 days before the Annual meeting.

a) There shall be an annual meeting held within 3 months of the financial year-end each year or as soon as practicable thereafter 
b) Every annual meeting shall be called by the committee. 
c) The secretary shall give at least 21 days notice of the annual meeting to each member of the committee together with copies of the account and annual report and shall publicise the meeting according to clause 3b hereof. 
d) Any member of the public, stallholders and other parties who support the objects of the RFM are entitled to attend the annual meeting. 
e) The acting chairman of the annual meeting shall be appointed by the retiring committee and shall have a casting vote. 
f) Nominations to the committee should be received by the acting chairman at the meeting.

a) The constitution may be altered by a resolution passed by two thirds of all committee members voting at a properly constituted committee meeting. 
b) The notice of the committee meeting at which it is proposed to vote on an alteration to the constitution must include notice of the resolution setting out the terms of the alteration proposed.

a) If the committee decides it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the RFM it shall call a meeting in the manner provided for in clause 3b hereof giving notice of the proposed dissolution. 
b) If the resolution is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present the committee shall have the power to realise any assets held by the RFM. 
c) Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other body or institution having similar objects to those of RFM as the committee of RFM may determine or failing that shall be distributed for some other charitable purpose. 
d) A copy of the final statement of account shall be made available.