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July 2017 calendar

July 2017 Morning / Afternoon Evening

Sat 1st

Sun 2nd

Mon 3rd

14:00 CLT Pallister Park v Saltburn (Lost)


18:30 CL Saltburn v Borough Park (Lost)

This game was re arranged from 6th June

Tue 4th

14:00 Coaching and roll up

18:30 CL Saltburn v Pallister Park

(Postponed due to heavy rain)

Wed 5th

14:00 CLT Saltburn v Loftus Lions (Won)

Thu 6th

14:00 LTL Saltburn v Ropner (Lost)

18:30 NYBL Saltburn v Brotton (Lost)

Fri 7th

18:30 CL Saltburn v Skelton (Lost)

Sat 8th

10:00 Steve Duck Trophy

Winners G Russell, C Fawcett, P Chinn

Runners up J Robinson, R Elliott, G Middlemiss

Sun 9th

Mon 10th

14:00 CLT Saltburn v Smith's Dock (Won)


18:30 NYBL Nunthorpe v Saltburn

(Rearranged from 29th June)

Postponed again due to rain

Tue 11th

14:00 Coaching and roll up

18:30 CL Smith's Dock v Saltburn (Won)

Wed 12th

14:00 CLT Stokesley Strollers v Saltburn (Won)

Thu 13th

14:00 LTL Locke Park v Saltburn (Won)

18:30 NYBL Northallerton v Saltburn (Lost)

Fri 14th

18:30 CL Saltburn v Castleton (Won)

Sat 15th

Sun 16th

Mon 17th

14:00 CLT Saltburn v Brotton (Lost)

18:30 NYBL Saltburn v M'bro A (Lost)

Tue 18th

14:00 Coaching and roll up

18:30 CL Carlin How v Saltburn (Lost)

Wed 19th

14:00 CLT Great Ayton v Saltburn (Lost)

14:00 LTL Saltburn v Elm Tree (Lost)

Rearranged from 22nd June

Thu 20th

14:00 LTL Saltburn v Borough Park

Postponed, Borough Park unable to field a team

18:30 NYBL Hutton Rudby v Saltburn (Lost)

Fri 21st

18:30 CL Saltburn v Guis KGV (Won)

Sat 22nd

13:00 Friendly Saltburn v Castleton

Sun 23rd

Mon 24th

14:00 CLT Saltburn v Marske Blues (Lost)

18:30 NYBL Saltburn v Skelton (Won)

Tue 25th

14:00 Coaching and roll up


Wed 26th

14:00 CLT Guis KGV (A) v Saltburn (Won)

Thu 27th

14:00 LTL Guis Priory v Saltburn (lost)

18:30 NYBL Great Ayton v Saltburn (Won)

Fri 28th

18:30 CL Saltburn v Loftus (Won)

Sat 29th

Sun 30th

Mon 31st

14:30 CLT Saltburn v Locke Park (Won)


Rearranged game at Nunthorpe cancelled again due to rain