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September 2018

Date Morning / Afternoon Evening

Sat 1st

10:00 Club championship finals day

Sun 2nd

Mon 3rd

Tue 4th

Wed 5th

Thu 6th

Fri 7th

Sat 8th

Sun 9th

Mon 10th

Tue 11th

Wed 12th

Thu 13th

Fri 14th

Sat 15th

Sun 16th

Mon 17th

20:15 AGM

Tue 18th

08:00 Day trip to Sewerby Hall

Wed 19th

Thu 20th

Fri 21st

Sat 22nd

Sun 23rd

Greens closed for winter maintenance 

See you in April

Mon 24th

Green closed

Tue 25th

Green closed

Wed 26th

Green closed

Thu 27th

Green closed

Fri 28th

Green closed

Sat 29th

Green closed

Sun 30th

Green closed